Mobile Banking Apps: Are We Really Safe?

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I am in love with smartphone applications or just simply “apps” as most–if not all–of us refer it to. With the development these apps had for the past couple of years, it’s safe to say that they simply make our everyday lives easier. There’s even this one radio ad that i heard before claiming that these days, “there’s always an app for everything”.

Well, thinking about it, i think it is true.  A lot of companies from all parts of the world of all sorts these days have created mobile apps crafted for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry users designed for them to reach their customers easier in different ways. One example are Banks. Banks from all over the world created smartphone apps to let their customers check their balance or perform whatever banking transaction they need to just like paying bills, as long as these actions are available with the web version of their Bank’s eBanking services.

Yes, it is very convenient. But, the question is: Are we really that willing to entrust the safety of our hard earned money into these mobile applications our banks are offering when we hardly know how safe it was developed just for the convenience of not having to go to the ATM machine each time we need to check our balance, or saving ourselves a trip to the bank for bills payment and what nots when we live in a world where hackers and identity thieves are so out there, ready to make a move to steal not just money, but also personal information they can use? (more…)

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Facial Recognition Apps that’s Good for your iPhone

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As smartphones get upgraded almost every 6 to 8 months from the last version that you’ve purchased, security becomes an issue and consumers are clamoring for a more secured product from the manufacturers. In the beginning manufacturers used a simplistic password combination to lock and unlock phones and then it evolved to patterns and swiping (for touchscreen phones), and then eventually to facial recognition and biometrics scan. Well, Apple has a long way to go before delivering a working facial recognition app; however, you can try these two third-party facial recognition apps that works at least 80% of the time.

The two handy facial recognition apps that I’m referring to are FaceCrypt and FastAccess Anywhere.

Face Unlocker

FastAccess Anywhere

This app, which has a 14-day free trial on the leash, is cool not because of how efficient it can recognize your facial features, but because it has a secondary unlock feature in case the app has trouble recognizing your face. Forget about those Hollywood films with ultra high-tech retina/biometrics/facial scanner that will recognize you in less than a second, if you blink or even tilt your head slightly – it will not recognize you. Yes, it can be that frustrating sometimes, I mean, Samsung has a better FR (facial recognition) app (Face Unlock) than these and Apple is still on the verge of creating a working model of their own for their devices. So, as I was saying, FastAccess Anywhere will capture your familiar facial features and let you choose a secondary image or shape and you save it as your password. The next time you unlock your phone, it will simply ask you to align your face to the camera and then you click on that shape that you had selected previously. (more…)

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Is the Transformer Pad Good for Gaming?

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Whether it is online casino sites or games based on video games or movie franchises, gaming is big business these days, and increasingly people want the convenience of being able to do this using mobile devices – for example Transformer Pads like the Asus Transformer Pad 300. This means that for such devices to compete in the marketplace it is vital that they are able to offer a good gaming experience for the user – whatever other benefits they have – but what exactly is the Transformer Pad and is it really any good for gaming?

Well basically, despite the unusual name Transformer Pads like the aforementioned Asus 300 and Infinity are basically just tablets – those nifty devices fall somewhere between mobile phones and laptop computers.

When it comes to the gaming experience these devices certainly have much to recommend them, including large screens and very high image resolution – both of which are crucial as games like casual and puzzle games, hardcore action games, or those at online casino sites become ever more graphically sophisticated.


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