BlackBerry partners with FoxConn for the Z3 and Q20; announced during the 2014 MWC

Blackberry sales are a bit of a disappointment over the past two years–even with the release of the new Blackberry 10 devices. But, new CEO John Chen is not giving up on the company with the announcement of two new devices slotted for this year in partnership with Taiwanese manufacturer FoxConn: the all touch Z3 and the QWERTY Q20.


About until more than 5 years ago, you’d only see Blackberry phones on the hands of businessmen, celebrities and politicians because of the hefty price tag in exchange for more security, top notch push e-mail capabilities and the solid QWERTY keypad every Blackberry fan loves. Then came the Curve 8520, the first affordable Blackberry. During Blackberry’s 2014 MWC press conference, the company is taking a step further in producing budget friendly phones, as the upcoming Z3 will sport a sub $200 price point, unlocked.


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