Setup Your First Blog Using Blogger

Now that you already know what a blog is and what is blogging, it’s time to setup your first blog using Blogger.

Setting your first blog on Blogger is very easy. If you are using social networking websites like Friendster, Facebook, Multiply, etc. – you can even find Blogger easier to use. Before you can start using Blogger, you need to sign-up first here. You will need a Gmail account in signing up to Blogger. If you don’t have one, register first here. With Blogger, you don’t need to purchase any web-hosting solution ‘coz Google offer it for free. But in any case you want to learn more about web hosting services, I’d suggest you read some of the web hosting tutorials available in the web first so you can choose the best hosting provider out there.

How to create a blog in Blogger?

I’ll show you here a demo video on how to create a blog in Blogger. The tutorial is very simple, but I will also provide a step-by-step guide to make everything even simpler. Just comment below if there’s something you don’t understand. Watch this first! (more…)

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