10 Best iOS 7 Camera Tips for iPhoneographers

The iPhone is certainly a powerful tool that gets us through a busy day. It has replaced most of the conventional stuff in our bags – organizers, notebooks, pen, wallet, etc. And we can never deny that the iPhone has made a huge impact on the platform where the Digital Cameras and Micro Four Thirds were once royalties – Photography.


Admit it or not, we carry our iPhones everywhere to document our lives and share it to Flickr, Facebook, and Instagram where the Apple-made smartphone is the most-used camera. And with the advent of iOS 7, the camera app has never been exciting for iPhoneographers. Today, we’re listing some iPhone camera’s tips and tricks that you may have not known since you upgraded with the flashy iOS 7. (more…)

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Unboxing: Compro IP60 Network Camera

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A Taiwan-based company, Compro Technology Inc., through its local distributor Advance 2000 sent us a review unit of one of its latest HD Network Camera series – the Compro IP60 Network Camera.

The Compro IP60 is a plug-and-play network camera that is ideal as a surveillance solution in small businesses, hotels, shops, restaurants, or in your own home. An upgrade to last year’s IP55 camera, the IP60 now offers H.264 video compression to stream HD videos and it has also been integrated with Seedonk technology so the camera can be accessed remotely via Seedonk platform. (more…)

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Olympus Showcased Tough Cameras this Summer

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Olympus invited Cebu Tech Blogger on its recent resort tour at the Maribago Blue Water Resort in which they showcased the company’s Tough-series of cameras. Dubbed as “Olympus Tough Summer”,…

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