What Can You Say About PLDT’s Free Wi-Fi Service?

Last week, PLDT announced that it will make its free Wi-Fi service available in Cebu during the city’s celebration of Sinulog 2012 Festival. Those at the Wi-Fi zones were required to visit one of the PLDT booths so they can ask for User ID and Password, and finally use the service. As it turned out, some aren’t exactly happy with what could be a great service from the telco during the event.

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Those who were expecting such free Wi-Fi service probably share the same disappointment, like being unable to connect, just keep on loading while trying to connect and etc., or if it gets connected – users got a very slow speed. Quoting a fellow blogger,

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In Cebu City? Access the Web Anytime Thru Free PLDT Wi-Fi Zones!

PLDT’s plan to roll-out Wi-Fi zones across the Philippines, specifically in Manila and Cebu area, actually first broke the news last year. Here in Cebu, it will finally turn into a reality as the giant telco made it available to the public, in time of the province’s celebration of Sinulog Festival.

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PLDT says the Wi-Fi zones are free to access comes January 15th, the Grand Parade of this year’s Sinulog Festival. Interested users only need to visit PLDT booths to register (so you can get your username and password) which can be found within the city’s Wi-Fi zones as follows: (more…)

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