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How to Access Netflix in the Philippines: Step-by-Step Guide

There’s just no doubt that Netflix is the most well-known and most used on-demand media streaming done over the internet there is. Unfortunately, the famous service is not available in the Philippines. Although we have local on-demand service providers like Blink and PLDT Fibr TVolution, many are still hoping Netflix would soon be available in the country.


Luckily, there’s a way to access Netflix even if you’re in the Philippines. All you need is a nifty software called a Virtual Private Network or VPN. There’s also an option for using a Domain Name System or a DNS, but this guide will talk about VPN.

Top 10 Microsoft Xbox One Games and Titles You Should Check Out!

Sony’s PlayStation 4 isn’t the only gaming console that is selling hot like pancakes for gamers, but also Microsoft’s Xbox One. Although the former is ahead in terms of sales and popularity among the latter, the Xbox One is still one amazing console gamers (especially hardcore ones) should definitely not…

PLDT’s TVolution Promises to Turn Your Ordinary TV into an Internet TV

Another first from the country’s leading telephone and internet service provider, PLDT is promising to turn your regular TV into a full featured Internet TV with a small new device called the TVolution. Catch all the details after the break!

Priced at just Php 199/month on top of a PLDT Home Fibr subscriber’s plan (or a one-time cash out of Php 3,000), the TVolution device is bringing Internet to regular TVs. Meaning, with the TVolution device hooked to your ordinary TV, you’ll have access to thousands of on-demand TV shows and Movies through ClickPlay and MyPinoyTV service, run compatible Android apps and games, listen to music, browse the Internet, check your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter, and finally, create and edit documents as well through the built-in Kingsoft Open Office app.

Watch #Sinulog2014 Live Online Streaming!

Needless to say, is a homegrown tech blog from Cebu City, also known as the Queen City of the South here in the Philippines. The Sinulog festival is Cebu’s most anticipated annual celebration in honor of Senior Sto. Niño. Held every third week Sunday of January, hundreds of thousands to even millions of people from all over the country and the world as well fly to Cebu to witness the city’s pageantry of faith festival in commemoration of Cebu’s origin, linking the country’s pagan past to the Christian present, as most historians would say.


Being a true blooded Cebuano, we here at is bringing everyone to the heart of the Grand Celebration today, January 19, 2014 wherever you are in the world or even if you are at the comfort of your home through a LIVE STREAMING of the festival via the embedded videos below. Let’s all chant “Pit Senyor kang Mama kini, Pit Senyor kang Papa kini…” as we all complete each devotees’ offering dance in the Grand Sinulog Festival 2014 in honor of the miraculous Senior Sto. Niño.

#SinulogLiveOnSKY: Sky Cable Covers Sinulog in HD, First Time a Local Festival will be Broadcasted LIVE in HD Quality!

SkyCable, the country’s leading cable TV service provider, in partnership with the Sinulog foundation for the past 18 years, has been covering events and activities come the Sinulog Festival. And this year, Sky Cable is bringing Sinulog to the homes of Cebuanos in HD. This is the first time a local festival will be broadcasted not just in full HD, but also LIVE. More details after the break!

We got a word from Sky Cable’s Digital Marketing division about some activities the cable TV service provider is covering this week during the grand festival celebration for the beloved Sto Nino. Some of them includes: Sinulog sa Kabataan (held January 11 to 12), Sinulog Festival Queen (January 17) and the Sinulog Grand Parade happening on January 19. There will also be Sky Events during the Sinulog Week, such as the Sky Life concert happening today, January 15 8PM at the Fuente Osmena Circle featuring the “Gayuma” singer/rapper Abra and PGT Alum Jovit Baldivino together with the Fusion Extreme band, and the SKY Life Dance showdown on January 16 9PM, still at the Fuente Osmena Circle.

Game of Thrones Season 4 Official Trailer Out! Premiers April 6!

Game of Thrones fans, rejoice as the latest season of the fictional epic fantasy drama TV series by HBO followed by millions of millions of fans all over the globe premiers on April 6, 2014!

Game of Thrones movie poster

Just last sunday (January 12, 2014), the Game of Thrones official YouTube channel released the first official trailer of the upcoming 4th season premiering exclusively on HBO come April 6 at 9 pm–a sunday night. At the time of writing, the 1 minute 44 seconds YouTube video already gained almost over 3 million views.

Virgin Galactic’s Space Tourism Arrives in 2014

As 2013 closes Virgin Galactic has just recently tested re-entry of their VSS Enterprise, originally known as SpaceShipTwo spacecraft at a maximum altitude of 46,000 feet above the ground. This has been Richard Branson’s lifelong dream which is to commercialize space or otherwise known as to make space flights more affordable for ordinary people to venture out there and see the stars, planets, nebulas, comets and asteroids with their own naked eyes. The second test (yes there had been two re-entry tests already) was a success and if you can recall the SpaceShipOne took to the skies just over 2 weeks ago at the New Mexico facility.

Virgin Galactic

Is it for Profits or for Science?

At $250,000 per flight it is by far the cheapest way to get to space or I should say low Earth orbit is the technical term for it. The Russians charge $20 million to take a 2-week vacation in their Soyuz space craft with their own version of space tourism; however, that program ended in 2009 and they will require you to go through cosmonaut training before strapping yourself with a couple of billion tons of rocket fuel.

Noontec MovieHome V8 NAS Media Player Review

One of the media players Noontec sent to CTB for review is the MovieHome V8, which is sort of an upgrade to MovieDock A6 II that I’ve also reviewed last month. Would the V8 model bring those features we longed to see on its predecessor? Well, let’s find out through my full review of this media player after the break.

Noontec V8 NAS
Noontec V8 NAS


For starters, the Noontec MovieHome V8 NAS Media Player is yet another entertainment appliance specifically designed to carry most, if not all, of your multimedia files into a single location. Unlike the MovieDock A6 II, the V8 has a dedicated storage slot for either 2.5 or 3.5 inches Hard Disk drives (SATA interface only), which is the perfect storage to handle hundreds or thousands of your music tracks, movies, podcasts, or even your photos. The V8 supports most of the standard interfaces available today so you can hook it up to external devices that complement what could be your home entertainment center.

The Bourne Legacy Trailer Hits the Web

The fourth and next installment of the Bourne film series, The Bourne Legacy, is scheduled for release in US theaters comes August 3, 2012. Almost a month since the filming began last January 11th here in the Philippines, the first trailer is now officially available for public viewing.

The film stars Jeremy Renner, Edward Norton, and Rachel Weisz, and is directed by the series’ own screenwriter Tony Gilroy. Matt Damon who plays the character of Jason Bourne won’t appear in this film.

Noontec MovieDock A6 II NAS Media Station Review

I finally unboxed this media player from Noontec that has been on the shelf for a couple of weeks ago. Noontec called this as MovieDock A6 II NAS Media Station — basically a type of high-definition audio and video player that you can also hook into a local network as a full NAS (Network Attached Storage), hence the name. I’m honestly new to Noontec’s line of media players (I also have here the N5 and V8) but will try my best to get familiarized with such products so I can give you a detailed review of each. And to get started, I’ve been playing around with this MovieDock A6 II first and will have the full review of the other models in the next few days.


As I’ve said earlier, Noontec MovieDock A6 II NAS Media Station is a high-definition media player capable of playing a variety of popular audio and video formats. Though I haven’t tried playing all types of formats supported, the user manual says it can play HD formats like RMVB (.rmvb) from RealNetworks, Blu-ray movies, H.264 / MPEG-4 AVC, and TS/TP stream HD video files. The A6 II doesn’t have a built-in HDD, but it has several interfaces for portable storage like USB port for Flash drives and U-Disk and SATA port for mobile hard drive.

Angry Birds Coming to Facebook on Valentine’s Day

If we’re to talk about a popular game app that is available in almost all mobile platforms, definitely Rovio’s Angry Birds will top on the list. It’s on Android, BlackBerry OS, Windows Phone, Symbian OS, iOS, and it’s even available for the lone MeeGo-powered Nokia N9. And if we’re to talk about PC, this addictive puzzle game has an XP and Windows 7 versions, too! Do I have to say it’s on Google Chrome as well?

With the advent of Google+ Games, Angry Birds is one among those pioneer apps that made its way to the search giant’s own social networking site. It was certainly a brilliant decision for Rovio to bring the app to Google+, given the fact that it can leverage on the rapidly growing number of users. But it won’t stop there.

The Dark Night Rises First Official Trailer Hit the Web, Watch This!

Batman Begins, done. The Dark Night, done. The Dark Night Rises, nope, not yet. But one year from now, we’ll have the final installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. Scheduled for release by July 20 next year, The Dark Night Rises will complete Nolan’s trilogy and unlike the first two…