Flappy Bird Taken Down? No Problem. You Can Still Install it by Following this Guide!

Flappy Bird has been taken down officially today at 1 am (Philippine Time) from the Apple AppStore, as well as from the Google Play Store, following its Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen’s meltdown of not being able to “take it anymore”. Users who already have downloaded the app should not worry, as they will forever have the game on their phones and tablets.


But for those who don’t have it on their  handsets — at least those using Android devices — worry no more. There’s an easy workaround to install the sensational game on your Android device, even if it has been already pulled out from the Google Play Store without the need for rooting. Follow the instructions below.


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Developer Dong Nguyen to pull the plug on the hit game Flappy Bird

The latest game craze everyone is talking about all over the world may have taken mobile gaming by storm, Flappy Bird. But, in a more shocking news, Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen announced that he’s pulling the plug on the game dubbed as the “Drug of the App Store”. Catch the sad details after the break!

RIP flappy birdJust a week after Flappy Bird hit the world wide phenomenal success, its developer Dong Nguyen announced on twitter that he is indeed taking the game down from the Apple AppStore and from Google Play as well, effective 1 am in Philippine time. (more…)

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Flappy Bird Cheat Sheet for iOS Devices, No Jailbreak Needed!

Everyone has gone crazy thanks to the new smartphone game craze, Flappy Bird. The game is simple and fun yet annoying, and everyone hooked with the game just wants to get a high score to brag with their friends. Probably the highest score I’ve ever seen is at 157. Now if you wanna reach that score or even higher without breaking a sweat, we found a little workaround. I’m pretty sure my friend didn’t cheat or used a hack, but who says we can’t?

Andre Co Flappy Bird

Now this hack works for iOS devices, without the need for a Jailbreak. What you’ll need is of course the Flappy Bird game installed on your iPhone or iPad, a nifty app called iExplorer (you can download it here for free), plus the hack file for passing through the pipes (download here).


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