Starmobile Intros FeatureSmart T601i & Jupiter B305, New Dual-SIM Phones for the Masses!
Starmobile Jupiter B305

Starmobile Intros FeatureSmart T601i & Jupiter B305, New Dual-SIM Phones for the Masses!

Another player in the country’s mobile industry has invaded Cebu when it launched, through an exclusive event last week, two of its “game-changer” devices — the Starmobile FeatureSmart T601i and Starmobile Jupiter B305. Before we get into the details of these handsets, allow me to talk about a brief intro about Starmobile.

A quick visit to the company’s official website reveals Starmobile as a local phone maker established by Star Telecom Alliance Resources (STAR, Inc.), a group of telecommunications industry experts based locally and internationally. Starmobile is headquartered in Manila and claims as a maker of quality dual-SIM mobile phones. So basically, it appears that the company will focus in releasing phones with dual-SIM capability, going neck and neck, if not beat direct competitors like Cherry Mobile, MyPhone, or even with the likes of Nokia which has a stronghold of the dual-SIM phone market.

The FeatureSmart T601i

At first glance, you couldn’t expect the FeatureSmart T601i as a feature phone as it really looks like an Android-powered smartphone. It’s a dual-SIM capable, thus it’s a perfect phone if you want to carry 2 SIM cards in a single phone. The T601i features a 3.5-inch capacitive touchscreen display, support for Wi-Fi connectivity, and Mobile TV. The 3.2MP camera may complement your social networking experience as the phone has a built-in access to Facebook and Twitter. (more…)

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Intel Launches Ivy Bridge Processors in Cebu

It’s quite obvious that we seldom talk about significant players in the PC business like Intel, perhaps due to the fact that we only see new product releases once a year; or every so often such company announces what’s next on its roadmap yet isn’t exactly of the interest of mainstream consumers.

I’m talking about financial reports and investor relations alike, as well those product development updates for enterprise customers such as the latest server chips and etc. But when we talk about new developments of Intel’s processors for mainstream users, there’s no doubt the chip maker earns substantial buzz in the tech arena.

You probably have already heard about Ivy Bridge since last year when Intel officially demonstrated such processor as the successor to Sandy Bridge. But it was just recently that Intel Philippines officially introduced the new Ivy Bridge processors here in Cebu. I’m not exactly sure though as to which the codename “Ivy Bridge” was named after (Intel processors codenames are mostly named after Places), but the first time you hear the name – it does sounds promising, really. Or is it? (more…)

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Smart Communications May Offer The New iPad; But Don’t Expect Much of the LTE Connectivity Just Yet

Following Apple’s announcement of The New iPad few days ago, Smart Communications had issued a press release saying it “welcomes the announcement of the New iPad which features high-speed connectivity on Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology”.

And speaking of the Philippine launch of the tablet, SMART, through its Chief Wireless Advisor Orlando B. Vea, “believes that the New iPad could be made available locally sooner than expected”, apparently because SMART has a working LTE network in the country. Well, yes; SMART has a working LTE network in some parts of the Philippines, but I’m personally not convinced The New iPad will be launched sooner because the country already has a working LTE network. Is LTE support really a main selling point of The New iPad?

The New iPad

Though SMART didn’t clearly state its network will support such LTE-capable tablet, I personally found the presser horribly deceptive ‘coz it could mislead an ordinary Joe to believe once he gets The New iPad, the LTE connectivity will work with SMART out of the box. With SMART lacking important information on its website about its LTE network, at this point, I’m inclined to believe LTE connectivity of The New iPad won’t work here in the Philippines. Read on for more why I said that… (more…)

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