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Mislatel Consortium To Team Up With Rival Telco Players PLDT Inc, Globe Telecom

Mislatel Consortium, deemed the third telecommunications player in the country, is planning to team up with its rivals PLDT Inc and Globe Telecom. The consortium’s spokesperson Atty. Adel Tamano said in a DZMM radio interview, as reported by ABS-CBN News, the partnership deal will not reduce competition, rather it will…

165 Million Spam/Scam Messages Blocked by Globe in 2016: An Average 200k Blocked Per Day!

In a speed up campaign to stop spam/scam messages, Globe Telecom blocked at least 165 million such messages last year, 2016. This was accomplished through the use of a broad and fully automated system to clean up its network of spam and malicious text messages. In another development, Globe also…

#ShareYourVibe! Globe Telecom Brings Back #FreeFacebook; Free Viber for a Month, too!

No more than a year ago, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg cited Globe Telecom to be the first in the world to bring free access to the very popular social networking site to millions of its customers. Although a lot of Globe subscribers definitely enjoyed the promo while it lasted, sadly, the…

Everything You Need to Know about Globe’s Project 1 Phone: A Call for Good

It goes without a doubt that cellphones, tablets, laptops and all the other gadgets we enjoy using on a daily basis makes our lives easier. But, these technological advances together with their batteries comes with an end of life, and if not disposed properly, they inflict a great harm to our…

Globe Introduces the Tattoo NXT: the New Next-Gen Broadband Solutions

According to the United Nations (UN) back in 2011, the Internet is a basic human right, as it plays a huge part on our everyday lives — whether it be for work, school, play or just simply keeping in touch with a loved one. And internet connected devices are in everywhere we look — on our computers, laptops and cellphones as well as tablets, cameras, gaming consoles and even smart TVs and smart watches. As a result, companies all over the world are trying to keep up by giving us, consumers more and more innovations that will help us get even more internet-connected than ever.

Cebu Tech Blogger

Globe Tattoo — the broadband internet side of Globe Telecom — one of the country’s leading broadband internet provider, announced its expansion of their product line up backed by the company’s 4G mobile network through their fastest fixed fiber products, the Globe Tattoo NXT.

Globe Business Holds its First-Ever Continuity Forum in Cebu City for Disaster Prevention and Preparedness Initiatives

They always say that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” And in the world we live in today, disasters, accidents and any form of misfortunate events can happen anytime — especially if we are not prepared for such. That is why Globe Business held a Business Continuity Forum…

Globe Telecom to Transform WiMax to LTE TDD and LTE FDD in Visayas and Mindanao

Globe Telecom, the Philippine’s second largest Telecommunications service provider with over 45 million subscribers, together with Alcatel-Lucent signed last week, September 17, 2014 a confirmation of Award for the transformation of wireless network infrastructure in the Philippines — specifically in Visayas and Mindanao, upgrading it from the former’s existing WiMax to LTE-TDD and…

What You Need to Know About Globe GoSurf

With the announcement of Globe’s partnership with the global commercial music streaming service provider Spotify more than a month ago during the latter’s official launch in the country, the deal hinted a new mobile data plan scheme for the network.

Globe GoSurf

The new mobile data plan scheme dubbed as GoSurf, made its first debut when Globe announced the Globe Galaxy Forever Plan held last April 3, 2014. And now, the GoSurf plan is officially replacing Globe’s SuperSurf data plans. Catch everything you need to know about Globe’s new GoSurf after the break.

Experiencing Globe’s Internet Fair Usage Policy in Real Time; How to Reach it and What Happens When You get “Capped”

I have been a Globe UnliSurf subscriber for 2 years now with my postpaid account, and another year with Globe’s BIS or BlackBerry Internet Service on top of that. But with over 3 years of being with Globe’s mobile data service, I have never heard of their Fair Usage Policy (FUP) on internet surfing plans until very recently, when they started enforcing it strictly.

Globe FUP Page

I consider myself as a moderate to heavy mobile internet user for social media and personal purposes: I always find myself refreshing my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook feed at least twice to thrice an hour throughout the day. I also use it for quick web browsing and youtube video streaming. My data services are turned on almost all the time even at home — I only turn it off whenever I’m outside my house and i need to save up my battery life. I also use my phone’s data services to tether internet to my laptop whenever i’m not home, which happens almost every other day recently.

Globe Data Cap vs Smart Data Cap, Plus a Look on Mobile Data Plans in Different Countries

With all the buzz about Globe Telecom’s strict implementation of their Mobile Data Surfing Fair Usage Policy (FUP), we can’t help but compare it with Smart Telecom’s own FUP on mobile surfing. The Fair Usage Policy is set not just for mobile data browsing, but for texts and calls as well. View the comparison on the table below, as well as details and an overview comparison on mobile data plan prices on countries in the world.

FUP comparison

The reason why Globe started to strictly implement their Fair Use Policy according to them is to “ensure fast and reliable service” as apparently, 3% of their data subscribers are considered as heavy users. This solution sparked great ire amongst disappointed Globe subscribers, as a Fair Usage Policy was never really discussed when you sign up for a surfing plan (at least in my case when I signed up for an UnliSurf promo almost 2 years ago with my current plan). Smart on the other hand has their daily and monthly cap both on 1.5 GB, just half of Globe’s 3 GB monthly cap.

Globe’s Internet Surfing Fair Usage Policy Explained

A lot went berserk last week when Globe Telecom announced that they will start strictly enforcing their Fare Usage Policy (Read Globe’s FUP here), to ensure fast and reliable mobile internet service, according to the telecommunications company. What this means is that subscribers who availed to these called “Unlimited” surfing promos would be throttled to slower speeds (Read: 2G) once they reach Globe’s pre-determined cap.

Globe FUP

In an infographic tweeted by @talk2globe, Globe explained that only 3% of their data subscribers will be affected, labeled as Heavy Data Users. Meaning, the remaining 97% don’t use that much data, not reaching the 1GB/day or 3GB/month cap. Once subscribers reach the 1 GB data cap per day, they will be throttled to 2G speeds equivalent to up to just 64 kbps, until the end of the day. They will then be shifted back to 3G/LTE speeds after midnight. As for those who reached their 3GB per month cap, they will be shifted back to their regular browsing speed on the first day of the following month. In example, if you reach the 3GB cap during the first week of February, you’ll have to endure 2G speeds for remaining days of the month.

Globe Drops iPhone 5S and 5C Prices

Globe Telecom has decreased the prices of its new iPhone offerings with customized postpaid plans, specifically the iPhone 5C and 5S. Some would opine this could lead to massive purchases of the much coveted devices, especially this Christmas season, or in time when the entire country is still recovering from the recent calamities which struck the central Philippines and sales of the handsets aren’t that impressive just yet since launch.

Globe iPhone 5C, 5S

The new offerings through Globe’s MySuperPlan includes the iPhone 5C, in which the 16GB base version now sells at only P1,349 per month under Plan 499. This includes a cashout of P850 per month within a 2-year contract. The Plan 499 postpaid package includes a 300MB LTE surfing plus free calls and SMS texts. The 16GB base version of the iPhone 5S on the other hand now sells for only P1,799 monthly under Plan 999. That already includes a cashout of P800 per month within a 2-year contract. This postpaid package offers buyers unlimited LTE internet surfing plus free texts and calls.

Official: Globe, Smart iPhone 5C and 5S Launching in Philippines November 15, 2013

That’s right! As I’ve tweeted earlier today, the much anticipated new iPhones, the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S will be officially launched in the Philippines comes November 15, 2013, through Globe Telecom and Smart Communications. The expected release date is actually 1 month earlier compared to the iPhone 5 launch in December 15th last year.

Globe iPhone 5CGlobe iPhone 5S

Smart iPhone 5C

Smart iPhone 5S

As usual, Globe Telecom and Smart Communications still have to provide official pricing details; but right now, both telcos have already setup pre-order pages which you can access here (Globe) and here (Smart).

Globe Launches Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Daring Data Plan Offer

It is dubbed the “most unbeatable unlimited data plan offer” Globe Telecom has ever launched for Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The postpaid plan package comes inclusive with limitless Long Term Evolution or LTE, allowing up to 42 Mbps mobile internet surfing. And the offer becomes more daring with its low monthly rate of only Php 1,799. With this, subscribers can get the newest Galaxy Note at a monthly P800 cashout via Plan 999.

Globe Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Gear

This cashout is even payable in a 24-month installment scheme through credit card with 0% interest. To think that this postpaid plan bid is inclusive of unlimited data plus a consumable amount per month you can use for SMS messages and calls. Moreover, as if not content with the daring low price offer for Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Globe also offers it and the Galaxy Gear bundle at no extra cost starting at Plan 5000. And that’s still within a 2-year contract period.

Globe, Smart iPhone 5 Postpaid and Prepaid Plan Registration, Up Now!

Following Apple’s announcement for the iPhone 5 launch here in the Philippines comes December 14th, Globe Telecom and Smart Communications both announced today that it will also offer the latest iOS-rocking smartphone on the same date. Though both telcos still have to release its official Plan pricing details, its pre-order…