Google and Globe Teamed Up to Offer Free Zone; Allows You to Access Gmail, Google+, and Search for Free!

Free Zone, that’s the name of the new service which allows prepaid subscribers to access Gmail, Google Search, and Google+ right on their feature phones – for free. Thanks to the world’s search giant Google; this new service paves the way for the next billion users in emerging markets across the globe to access the web. And the Philippines, with more or less 35% of its population use the internet, is the first country in the world to kick-start the service. This is through an exclusive partnership with Globe Telecom, whose prepaid Globe and Touch Mobile (TM) subscribers got the first dibs of the service starting on Thursday until March 31st next year.


How to Use Free Zone

1. In your computer, visit or

2. Click the button that says “Send a link to your phone(more…)

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