Nokia Lumia 800 Review
Nokia Lumia 800

Nokia Lumia 800 Review

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When I first got my hands on the Nokia Lumia 800, I told myself it’s going to be my very first Windows Phone from Nokia. And now that our Finnish friends sent CTB a review unit straight from the UK allowing me to spend some ample time with the handset, do I still have to stick with my earlier decision or wait for another Windows Phones from the Finns? Well, you’re going to find out through my review after the break.


Nokia’s decision to go with Windows Phone OS for its future flagship smartphones was unveiled over a year ago (February 2011), which aims to rebuild Nokia’s market leadership and transform the company in the mobile industry. Working together with Microsoft, Nokia finally announced the first Windows Phone devices late October last year, the Nokia Lumia 710 and Nokia Lumia 800, in which both received positive impressions and feedbacks from the mobile technology community. Here in the country, the Nokia Lumia 800 will be launched this month – but even before it hits local stores, I actually had an encounter of this phone when I got a chance to meet with key marketing persons from Nokia Philippines in February. In any case you missed it; you can read my first impression of Nokia Lumia 800 via the link. (more…)

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