Nokia comes out with the X family, 3 Windows themed Android smartphones for less

There has been a lot of talks about Nokia’s first Android device, which officially came out at the 2014 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. The now Microsoft acquired Finnish company shocked everyone by releasing not just one, not two, but three Android devices.

Nokia X Series

For starters, the Nokia X, X+ and the XL aren’t your usual Android smartphones. Neither of the three phones come with Google Play support, but instead Nokia’s very own App Store for Android Apps, as well as the popular Yandex Store and Microsoft’s OneDrive. There’s also a heavily-skinned User Interface giving users that feel of using a Windows Phone instead of an Android, and even the Live Tiles are present here. Judging from the outside, the three phones gives a Lumia feel with the colorful polycarbonate bodies.


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