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Mislatel Consortium To Team Up With Rival Telco Players PLDT Inc, Globe Telecom

Mislatel Consortium, deemed the third telecommunications player in the country, is planning to team up with its rivals PLDT Inc and Globe Telecom. The consortium’s spokesperson Atty. Adel Tamano said in a DZMM radio interview, as reported by ABS-CBN News, the partnership deal will not reduce competition, rather it will…

PLDT signs IP Peering Agreement with Globe; Here’s how we get better internet experience.     

Another factor that should boost local internet speed is an all-inclusive IP peering arrangement among major internet service providers in the country. While many ISPs are interconnected to each other through Internet Exchange points such as Philippine Open Internet Exchange (PhOPENIX), Philippine Internet Exchange (PhIX), and Philippine Common Routing Exchange…

PLDT’s TVolution Promises to Turn Your Ordinary TV into an Internet TV

Another first from the country’s leading telephone and internet service provider, PLDT is promising to turn your regular TV into a full featured Internet TV with a small new device called the TVolution. Catch all the details after the break!

Priced at just Php 199/month on top of a PLDT Home Fibr subscriber’s plan (or a one-time cash out of Php 3,000), the TVolution device is bringing Internet to regular TVs. Meaning, with the TVolution device hooked to your ordinary TV, you’ll have access to thousands of on-demand TV shows and Movies through ClickPlay and MyPinoyTV service, run compatible Android apps and games, listen to music, browse the Internet, check your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter, and finally, create and edit documents as well through the built-in Kingsoft Open Office app.

Globe Telecom to Bid for Red Mobile’s 3G Spectrum

In Q1 of 2011, the Philippines telco juggernaut PLDT, announced that it will acquire 51.55% of Digitel’s stake — amounting to Php 69.2 billion at the time the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) approved the acquisition late last year. The acquisition raised concerns among subscribers for possible monopoly of telecom services, however, NTC has set conditions before it approved the PLDT-Digitel merger. One of such conditions is for PLDT to continue the “unlimited” offers of Sun Cellular, the country’s third largest mobile carrier which was then a wholly-owned subsidiary of Digitel.

Red Mobile

Another significant condition set by NTC is for PLDT to surrender to the regulator one of the 3G frequencies licensed to Connectivity Unlimited Resource Enterprise, Inc. (CURE), or more popularly known as Red Mobile. Red Mobile is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Smart Communications, a mobile and internet service provider in the country which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of PLDT as well.

What Can You Say About PLDT’s Free Wi-Fi Service?

Last week, PLDT announced that it will make its free Wi-Fi service available in Cebu during the city’s celebration of Sinulog 2012 Festival. Those at the Wi-Fi zones were required to visit one of the PLDT booths so they can ask for User ID and Password, and finally use the service. As it turned out, some aren’t exactly happy with what could be a great service from the telco during the event.

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Those who were expecting such free Wi-Fi service probably share the same disappointment, like being unable to connect, just keep on loading while trying to connect and etc., or if it gets connected – users got a very slow speed. Quoting a fellow blogger,

In Cebu City? Access the Web Anytime Thru Free PLDT Wi-Fi Zones!

PLDT’s plan to roll-out Wi-Fi zones across the Philippines, specifically in Manila and Cebu area, actually first broke the news last year. Here in Cebu, it will finally turn into a reality as the giant telco made it available to the public, in time of the province’s celebration of Sinulog Festival.

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PLDT says the Wi-Fi zones are free to access comes January 15th, the Grand Parade of this year’s Sinulog Festival. Interested users only need to visit PLDT booths to register (so you can get your username and password) which can be found within the city’s Wi-Fi zones as follows:

NTC Approves PLDT’s Acquisition of Digitel; Smart and Sun Cellular Merged to Beat Globe Telecom

The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) on Wednesday has approved PLDT’s application to acquire 51.55% share, amounting to Php 69.2 billion of Digital Telecommunications Philippines, Inc. or Digitel.

Digitel is the Philippines’ second largest fixed-line telecommunication company and owns the country’s third largest mobile telco, Digitel Mobile Philippines or more popular as Sun Cellular. The planned acquisition of PLDT over Digitel (originally a subsidiary of JG Summit Holdings Inc.) which is an “all-share transaction” first broke the news in March, which raised concerns from consumers for possible substantial market dominance leading to cutthroat competition.

Now that the acquisition of Digitel is official, that makes the Pangilinan-led telecom giant the owner of Sun Cellular. And that means Smart Communications and Sun Cellular are merged to beat the Ayala-led Globe Telecom in mobile/cellular telephony and broadband services.

Sun Cellular Unlimited Call and Text Services To Continue Despite PLDT’s Acquisition

Just recently, the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT) together with JG Summit Holdings, Inc. (JGS), announced that they entered into an “all-share transaction” in which JGS will exchange stake of its telecommunication business, Digitel, for a new PLDT shares.

The merger will then pose ownership of PLDT over Sun Cellular, Digitel’s wholy-owned subsidiary in mobile business best known for its unlimited voice and SMS services. Sun Cellular is also the 2nd main competitor (next to Globe Telecom) of Smart Communications, PLDT’s wholy-owned mobile and internet business segment. Smart Communications also owns both Talk ‘N Text and Red Mobile brands running on EDGE/UMTS and 3G networks, respectively.

Now that PLDT’s acquisition of Digitel is expected to be completed in the next three months, the biggest concern for consumers is whether there would still be a good competition in the “unlimited” offers. Because for Sun Cellular subscribers, they had switched to the network probably due to the competitive offers. No worry folks, though, because PLDT just announced it will continue to offer Sun Cellular unlimited voice and text services even after the acquisition.

PLDT Acquires JG Summit’s Digitel; Sun Cellular to Benefit 3G and Broadband Services of the Philippine Telco Juggernaut

The Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT) and JG Summit Holdings, Inc. (JGS) announced Tuesday, the acquisition of Digital Telecommunications Philippines, Inc. (Digitel) by the Philippine Telco juggernaut, PLDT.

Digitel is the country’s second-largest fixed-line telecommunication company by the Gokongwei family-owned JGS Holdings; and is the owner of the Digitel Mobile Philippines, Inc. or better known for its brand as Sun Cellular.

The acquisition is an “all-share transaction” in which PLDT will take over 51.55% of Digitel’s total share, amounting to Php 74.1 billion, and in exchange – JGS Holdings will get 12.8% of PLDT’s stake plus a seat at the Telco’s Board of Directors. The acquisition is expected to be completed by the end of the second quarter this year.

Though it’s obvious that PLDT (which operates its wireless subsidiary, Smart Communications Inc.) would have the full control of Digitel – the disclosure to the Philippine Stock Exchange says “mobile operations of Digitel will remain separate and intact”; to maintain and capitalize on Sun Cellular’s operations to continue serving specific market segments particularly the “unlimited” service.