HTC One S, HTC Desire V, and HTC Desire C Launched in Cebu!

Back in April, HTC Philippines visited Cebu and launched two of its “One”-branded smartphones, the HTC One X and HTC One V. But for us geeks who are very much aware of the latest phones from this Taiwan-based phone maker, we knew there was something missing: the HTC One S!

The HTC One S sits between the HTC One X (high-end) and HTC One V (entry-level) as far as hardware specs and price points are concerned. And those of you guys who spent time waiting for this handset to hit local shelves, good news for you as the wait seemed not to go on forever! Yes, HTC Philippines already launched the HTC One S earlier today here in Cebu, together with the new phones in the “Desire” family (more on this later).

The HTC One S

The HTC One S

Though also carrying the latest “commercial” version of Android OS (Ice Cream Sandwich), the HTC One S falls short on some hardware specs when compared to the company’s new flagship phone, the HTC One X. Notably, this includes the display (Super AMOLED vs. Super IPS LCD2), the non-expandable internal storage (16GB vs. 32GB), lack of NFC support , the front camera (VGA only vs. 1.3MP cam on One X), and most importantly – the chipset (Qualcomm MSM8260A Snapdragon vs. Nvidia Tegra 3). But in spite of that, the rest of the specs of HTC One S are fair enough for a mid-range user. (more…)

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Intel Launches Ivy Bridge Processors in Cebu

It’s quite obvious that we seldom talk about significant players in the PC business like Intel, perhaps due to the fact that we only see new product releases once a year; or every so often such company announces what’s next on its roadmap yet isn’t exactly of the interest of mainstream consumers.

I’m talking about financial reports and investor relations alike, as well those product development updates for enterprise customers such as the latest server chips and etc. But when we talk about new developments of Intel’s processors for mainstream users, there’s no doubt the chip maker earns substantial buzz in the tech arena.

You probably have already heard about Ivy Bridge since last year when Intel officially demonstrated such processor as the successor to Sandy Bridge. But it was just recently that Intel Philippines officially introduced the new Ivy Bridge processors here in Cebu. I’m not exactly sure though as to which the codename “Ivy Bridge” was named after (Intel processors codenames are mostly named after Places), but the first time you hear the name – it does sounds promising, really. Or is it? (more…)

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Research In Motion Adds More Affordable BlackBerry 7 Phones in the Philippines

Just a couple of weeks ago, Research In Motion (RIM) have officially launched its two newest BlackBerry Curve devices in the Philippines — the BlackBerry Curve 9220 and Curve 9320.

The BlackBerry Curve 9220 was first announced back in April followed by the Curve 9320 in May, but both devices actually made its official land fall in the country late last month. So basically, telling you about these handsets here on CTB is a bit delayed, but I’ve already told you why. Despite of that, let’s have a quick look what these phones really have to offer, inside and out!
The BlackBerry Curve 9220 and Curve 9320 are very identical in the outside, both featuring a 2.44-inch display and a QWERTY keyboard. There’s really nothing to boast from its innards, just that these phones are typically entry-level yet offer the core BlackBerry experience. Both devices run on the latest BlackBerry OS 7.1 that offers new great features such as mobile hotspot, FM Radio, and an improved battery performance; plus those social features you’d always experience on BlackBerry like BBM, Social Feeds, Facebook, Twitter, and other web-enabled functionalities. You can’t expect much on multimedia of these phones, but in any case you need to capture moments along the way – perhaps the phones’ camera would suffice. (more…)

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