Top Reasons Why You Should Get the PS4

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While the Playstation 4, yet to be released comes November this year, won’t appear in stores for a couple of months, owing to its expensive price tag ($399 in the US) — gamers should start deciding now whether they wish to upgrade to the newest generation of Sony’s popular console.

PlayStation 4

As expected, the technical specs of this video game console are impressive. It features an x86 64-bit AMD Jaguar 8-core processor, with an approximate clock speed of 1.6GHz, 500GB of storage space and region-free BluRay capability. Although not included in the original PS4 package and available only as an additional accessory, the 1280 x 800 PS4 Eye camera features four microphones, face recognition software and dual lenses, allowing for an 85-degree field of vision which can locate players within the room and identify the positions of the wireless DualShock 4 controllers, now including a touchpad enabling precise gameplay. (more…)

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