RIM (Research in Motion) Renamed the Company as “BlackBerry”

RIM or Research in Motion announced on Wednesday that it has renamed the  company as simply just BlackBerry. The Canadian phone maker is now officially operating as BlackBerry worldwide.

The company decided to formally adopt the name of its brainchild, the BlackBerry smartphone, as its very own name, consolidating its brand into a single solid global identity. And that should make things simpler and easier to recall mentally, especially to the global market: BlackBerry by BlackBerry.



Now Trading as “BB”

BlackBerry will now trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange as simply but also eye-catchingly “BB.” On the NASDAQ however, it will be “BBRY.” All this will start on Monday, the 4th of February 2013.

Not only that. The company also changed its website URL from www.rim.com to www.blackberry.com. In case some people wonder why they’re not connecting to the company website, they’re probably using the old address. And as with the website URL change, so with the email address be in the offing—with the expected @blackberry.com suffix. (more…)

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RIM Names Thorsten Heins as President and New CEO

Research in Motion (RIM) announced earlier today that it has named Thorsten Heins as President and the new CEO of the company. Thorsten Heins “joined RIM from Siemens Communications Group in December 2007 as Senior Vice President for Hardware Engineering and became Chief Operating Officer for Product and Sales in August 2011”. RIM’s former Co-Chair and Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis becomes Vice Chair of RIM’s Board and Chair of the Board’s new Innovation Committee. Jim Balsillie, also the company’s former Co-CEO, stepped down from his post but still remains as member of the Board.

It should be noted that the Canadian phone maker’s BlackBerry handset faces stiff competition with iPhone and Android-powered devices, with reports that it even failed to hit quarterly sales targets. RIM shares slides despite of change of its CEOs. (more…)

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