Globe Telecom Beats SMART on NTC’s Network Benchmark Test

We got an interesting news here folks. The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) conducted a network benchmark tests just recently and the study showed which telco truly offers high quality service to its subscribers. The benchmarks, which include Grade of Service, Drop Call Rate, Call Set Up Time, Average Signal Quality, and Average Receive Signal Level from both Globe Telecom and Smart Communications, are all compared against NTC Cellular Mobile Telephone System (CMTS) standards.

In a nutshell, the results showed that Globe Telecom beats Smart, specifically on “Grade of Service” benchmark as the former scored nearly 4.45% while Smart was rated at 9.95%. NTC’s standard for Grade of Service is set at 4%, which means Globe is close to hitting that target.

Except for the Average Receive Signal Level, both telcos performed within the acceptable level of the other 3 standards. Interestingly enough, this includes the Drop Call Rate benchmark in which Globe and Smart was rated at parity. Such result made Globe Telecom confident into saying that “the results belie the claims made by Smart in its multi-million negative advertising campaigns pointing out drop calls and difficulty in making calls within the Globe legacy network.


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