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10 Awesome Things at Microsoft’s #Windows10 Event

It is very undeniable that Microsoft Windows is the most popular and most used Operating System out there, with more than 90% of Desktop OS market share according to Net Applications. And now, the Redmond, Washington based American multinational corporation Microsoft announced (and previewed) the latest, upcoming release of the much…

10 New Features on OS X Yosemite Worth Checking Out!

The cat is finally out of the bag and out of the Beta stage as well as Apple released the official build of the 11th major release of OS X — and it’s none other than the Yosemite, announced last June 2, 2014 during the Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC). Looking back, Apple released beta versions of the OS X Yosemite starting last July 24, 2014 through the Public Beta Program. But, it was just more than a day ago when Apple finally released the official version of their latest OS named after the very famous National Park.

Learn Some of the New Key Features of Windows Phone 8.1 Mobile OS

Microsoft just unveiled the latest version of their very own Operating System for mobile phones and tablets, the Windows Phone 8.1. Aside from the usual bug fixes and performance boost, the new release of the Windows Phone OS brings a number of new features Windows Phone fans will absolutely enjoy.

WP 81

Although there’s no specific date yet, once the update gets released in the coming months, current Nokia Lumia owners on Windows Phone 8 will receive an over-the-air update of the latest WP 8.1 release. Catch some of the new key features found on the Windows Phone 8.1 listed below.

Microsoft Office for the Apple iPad finally Released! Get the Download Links here

There’s no doubt that the most well-known productivity software there is the Microsoft Office suite. Almost everyone, if not all, knows and loves Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint. And today, Microsoft has made the touch optimized Office Suite available for the Apple iPad free for download.

Microsoft Office

Previously made available for the iPhone last June 2013, the iPad version hit the Apple App Store early this morning, at exactly 2 am Philippine Time. Although the wait for the Office Suite for the iPad is finally over for a lot of those waiting for it, the apps come with a catch.

Coca-Cola brings Spotify to the Philippines! Here’s how to get Exclusive Access to the Cloud Streaming Service!

Commercial music streaming service provider Spotify is now officially available in the Philippines through a partnership with Coca-Cola. Originally available in select countries over the world, Spotify brings free and legal on-demand music streaming service to Filipinos with over 25 million tracks available, from both international and local artists.

Coke Spotify

If you’re too excited about the music streaming service and you went straight to Spotify’s official website, expect to get a “Spotify is currently not available in your country” page. Well, that is pretty much normal, as access to Spotify Philippines is currently on an exclusive invite basis as of the moment. But don’t fret, as we have all the info you need in order to gain access to Spotify, as well as the details on how to run the app on your computer.

Apple Seeds iOS 7.1 to Users, Comes with a few UI Changes and Overall Performance Boost

Early this morning, about around 1 am, my iPhone 5S notified me for a new software update. I immediately went on and fired the update which was just about 268 MB on my phone. This isn’t really a major firmware update, but it actually made my phone’s performance better. Learn more about the changes with the new iOS 7.1 and view the screenshots of some of the UI changes after the break.


The update brings a couple of new features to compatible iOS devices, such as the new CarPlay feature. Previously known as iOS in the car, CarPlay let’s you integrate iOS with your car’s dashboard to control music, access maps and other third-party applications. That’s if of course you’re driving new select models of Ferrari, Volvo and Mercedes Benz luxury cars.

Microsoft Rolls officially out OneDrive, comes with up to 15 GB of free Cloud Storage

Following the trademark dispute between Microsoft’s cloud storage SkyDrive and the British Sky Broadcasting Group (BSkyB), the former was forced to change the name of the cloud service to OneDrive. Microsoft’s renamed cloud service officially rolled out today, and we have details about it.


The name change was announced by Microsoft by the end of January through And early this morning, Microsoft started sending out an e-mail announcement that the all new OneDrive has officially rolled out.

Microsoft Renames SkyDrive Cloud Service to OneDrive After Trademark Dispute with BSkyB

Microsoft has announced that they are renaming their cloud service SkyDrive to OneDrive through a post on The OneDrive Blog because of a trademark infringement dispute with British Sky Broadcasting Group (BSkyB).


Microsoft agreed back in June 2013 to rename their cloud service SkyDrive because of the dispute, within a reasonable amount of time. And just yesterday, Microsoft officially announced the new name of their loved cloud service, OneDrive. Current subscribers of SkyDrive and SkyDrive pro won’t experience any service interruptions as the company makes transition to the new cloud service.

BlackBerry 10: The Latest Mobile Platform to Power BlackBerry Phones!

It’s the same yet quite different. In fact, it’s RIM’s new creation. BlackBerry 10 was launched yesterday as RIM’s fresh platform creation first made available on its two latest smartphones—BlackBerry Z10, which is all-touch and LTE-ready handset, and BlackBerry Q10, which flaunts a touch display plus they usual physical QWERTY keyboard. The result is a smarter, smoother, and definitely faster BlackBerry ever. Should I say the Z10 is a sexier BlackBerry, too? 🙂

The launching happened simultaneously in New York, London, Toronto, Dubai, Paris, and Joahannesburg. RIM President and CEO Thorsten Heins stressed that the re-engineered, re-designed, and re-invented BlackBerry offers an “entirely” different mobile experience that will keep users on the go.

BlackBerry Z10, BlackBerry Q10


What’s So Special about BlackBerry 10?

Aside from the usual suave features that mark newly introduced smartphones, BlackBerry 10 has a “gestured interface” sure to excite users as they easily discover Disney features like “Where’s My Perry?” and “Bringing Where’s My Water?” Tim O’Brien, Disney Games VP for Business Development, also commented that BlackBerry 10 is sure to be the platform expanding their network of mobile players.

Spy Phone Software for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Symbian, and Windows Mobile

According to statistics, in 2011, about 835 million people have smart phone devices and 5.6 billion people utilize the features on their phones. This technology has certainly changed the way people live. With the onset of mobile phones, people are connected to their families or work wherever and whenever. It also allowed people to gain more access to information than ever before. But how sure are you that mobile phones are safe to use and that no one is tracking your every phone activity. Are you familiar about phone spying software?

What is spy phone software?

This is a program or app installed on cell phones that allows a person to get information about a mobile. It doesn’t require advanced computer skills to install the software. It is so easy that all you need is the IMEI number, which is printed on the battery compartment of the phone. This number is unique for every mobile phone.

Spy Phone Software

What are the benefits of the software?

The software is an excellent tool to spy on someone using their mobile phones without being caught. If suspecting infidelity, husbands can use it on their wives and wives can use it on their husbands. Moreover, parents who suspect that their children are doing some illegal activities can also benefit from the product. Employers can also use the mobile spy to see their employees’ mobile phone activities.

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum V6.9.0 Review

Digiarty Software, the creator of the popular DVD ripping solution WinX DVD Ripper Platinum, has released a new update of the software just a couple of weeks ago. Interestingly, I have tested such software back in 2010 so I decided to give it again another try, especially this time that I have also upgraded my OS to Windows 8 Release Preview. Though I already found it a perfect DVD ripping solution back then, I’m excited to see what Digiarty Software brings to the table with the newest version, that is, the WinX DVD Ripper Platinum V6.9.0. In any case you missed it, particularly those who are new here in CTB, I actually reviewed before the previous version (V5.9.2). You may check out my review of WinX DVD Ripper Platinum V5.9.2 here.

What is WinX DVD Ripper Platinum?

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum 6.9.0 Main UI

For the uninitiated, WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is basically a DVD ripping software, hence the name, that is capable of ripping contents of DVD discs so you can save such contents on other devices using various file types. These file types are for multimedia playback such as AVI, MP4, H.264, MPEG, WMV, MOV, FLV, 3GP, and etc. It may sound very technical for some, but in a nutshell, the WinX DVD Ripper Platinum allows you to rip DVD contents (like videos and music, or even ISO image files) so you can have it playable across several devices like Apple TV, iPhone, iPods and other MP3 players, iPad, GALAXY Tabs and other Android tablets, HTC smartphones, Samsung handsets, and more. WinX DVD Ripper Platinum runs only in Windows platform though, but there’s actually another version of the same name designed for Macs. Digiarty Software’s product page for WinX DVD Ripper Platinum says the software is compatible with Windows 98 up to Windows 7 – but I can personally attest it also works seamlessly with Windows 8.

Apple Releases Mac OS X Mountain Lion, Available for Purchase at Mac Apps Store

Apple earlier today announced the ninth major release of its OS X operating system dubbed as Mountain Lion. Basically an update to OS X Lion (v10.7), OS X Mountain Lion (v10.8) brings over 200 new features, some of which are gained from the iOS mobile platform like the Messages app (replaced iChat and with iMessage support), Notification Center (a feature first introduced in iOS 5), Facebook and Twitter deep integration, and Game Center (an online gaming network first made available on iOS 4.0). Other new notable features in OS X Mountain Lion also include Dictation, iCloud integration, and AirPlay Mirroring.

Mac OS X Mountain LionOS X Mountain Lion - Apple

OS X Mountain Lion works with Mac computers with at least 2GB of RAM and 8GB of free HDD or SSD space. Mac users can upgrade to Mountain Lion either with OS X Lion (v10.7) or OS X Snow Leopard already installed. If still on Snow Leopard, make sure to have it updated to v10.6.8 first.

Windows 8 Official Release Date Confirmed, October 26, 2012!

Microsoft on Wednesday has taken the wraps off the official release date of the next version of its operating system, the Windows 8. Announced during the Redmond-based software giant’s annual sales meeting, through the company’s President of the Windows division Steven Sinofsky – the final build of Windows 8 will be available commercially on October 26th, 2012!

For the uninitiated, Windows 8 was initially released to the public on February 29th as “Consumer Preview” and the next version dubbed as “Release Preview” was made available for public download on May 28th. Microsoft is expected to unveil the “Release to Manufacturing” (RTM) build of the OS sometime in early August.

PC users would be able to get Windows 8 either through an upgrade option or through a new PC. It was initially announced that Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 users may qualify to download an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $39.99 (you need to check version compatibility though). The new Microsoft OS will be available in 4 editions, namely: the Windows 8 itself, Windows 8 Pro, Windows 8 Enterprise, and Windows RT. The first three versions are the ones we’ll be seeing in full-packed computer systems, while Windows RT is dedicated for devices like tablet PC’s rocking ARM processors.

Microsoft Announced Office 2013, Calls it as “The New Office”

Microsoft on Tuesday unveils the next release of its suite of productivity applications which the software giant simply calls as “the new Microsoft Office”. Technically, this new version is the MS Office 2013 we have heard of since last year. Unlike any other older version of MS Office even its predecessor MS Office 2010, the Office 2013 brings those web apps initially made available on MS Office 365. This means that Office 2013 is more into cloud as it leverages some of Microsoft’s existing cloud-based services.

MS Office 2013 is available both for Windows 7 and Windows 8, and since its interface is based on Metro UI which undoubtedly works beautifully in Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8 – Microsoft says the new office will seamlessly work with touch-enabled Windows devices.

Microsoft is still yet to announce its official offering and pricing plans comes Fall, but the company has already confirmed which Office 2013 applications will be included on MS Office 365 subscription. And that includes MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, and MS Access. Read on for more through the press release after the break.

Sharing Internet Connection in Windows 8 [Ad-Hoc Like]

Talking about Wi-Fi connectivity support, one of the reasons why you should consider what type of Wi-Fi radio a particular computer or laptop should have before buying, is the fact that Wi-Fi hotspots are just everywhere and that it’s through this wireless technology that you can hook up to the internet easily. Though in today’s generation of laptops it’s seldom to see models without support for 802.11n (aka Wireless-N), it’s best if every PC user is aware what does such type of Wi-Fi radio really offers. To date, 802.11n is the best wireless standard yet as it offers faster throughput and longer transmission range between wireless devices, and needless to say – the next time you buy a machine, make sure it should have this type of Wi-Fi support. Not exactly just for computers though; you can also look for this particular spec on smartphones and tablets.

But the other advantage of having a faster Wi-Fi radio in your computer is for its capability to share internet access to other wireless devices. Some Windows platforms offer what is called as Internet Connection Sharing or ICS feature (some called it as Ad-Hoc) in which the Wi-Fi enabled computer turns itself like a wireless router or Wi-Fi hotspot. If my memory serves me right, Ad-Hoc over wireless network was introduced in Windows Vista though some XP machines can also be setup with an aid of wireless adapters. Windows 7 has it as well, but interestingly – Microsoft’s latest OS, the Windows 8, don’t have it out of the box. I mean, at least with the latest Beta of Windows 8, setting up Ad-Hoc or Internet Connection Sharing is a bit hassle as it would require you to play with what is known as Netsh Utility that you can fire up in Command tool (cmd.exe). And I’m sure not all typical Windows 8 users would bother to do that.

Firefox Browser for Android Now Available; Google Chrome Out Of Beta

Finally, Mozilla released its official mobile browser for Android devices. Mozilla said the new Firefox for Android is redesigned to offer significantly faster performance than the stock web browser shipped on every Android phone.

You might wonder how exactly this mobile version looks like compared to its desktop counterpart – and well, the new Firefox for Android “has a fresh and streamlined look with a personalized start page”. There’s a new feature called Awesome Screen where you can see all your browsing history, bookmarks, passwords, and form data to your handset, and the popular features like Tabbed browsing, Firefox Sync, and Add-ons are all onboard as well. Firefox for Android also supports Flash contents which means you can always watch videos or play games in any case those contents are designed with Flash technology.

The new Firefox for Android is now available for download at Google Play and works for devices running at least Android 2.2 or higher.