Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z2 vs Starmobile Diamond X1, Octa Core Phones Head-to-Head Specs Comparison

Last month, Starmobile announced their first ever phablet featuring an Octa core processor, the Starmobile Diamond X1. Cherry Mobile on the other hand announced the CM Cosmos Z2 just today during their #WeAreOnFire event held at the Hyatt Hotel, also featuring an octa core chip. We here at CTB loves a good healthy competition, so we have decided to put a little head-to-head specs comparison of these two octa core running phones by our local mobile players. Catch the details after the break!

OctaCore battle

First things first, to be fair, we have not yet tried the Diamond X1 and the Cosmos Z2 ourselves, so this comparison will depend mainly on the phones’ official specs and features, printed on sheets! (more…)

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