Porn Tweets Start Haunting Vine

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It was supposed to make Twitter more fun but apparently other users have other things in mind. The new Vine app designed for video-sharing with iPod and iPhone is starting to have porn problems after just less than a week of being online. The use of the new app actually does not prohibit pornographic or adult content; unfortunately, Apple guidelines restrict applications with pornographic items on its App Store.

Twitter Vine Porn

It’s Supposed to be More Fun

The app was given a go last Thursday (January 24, 2013) by Twitter as an additional video-fun feature users can enjoy. They may create six-second clips and share them immediately with their tweets. The unique way the videos run on Twitter makes it more exciting, presenting choice cuts or summaries of whole contents into short and swift clips.

But then other different minded users began using it for posting porn clips drawn through laptops and from some TV programs. Nick Bilton from New York Times had mentioned the fact about the plethora of porn and sex materials being easily available online, insinuating how easy it would be for users to post such videos on Twitter now that Vine is on—and especially without Vine mentioning anything about the matter in its terms of service.

Twitter is known to promote freedom of expression online, but having porn materials on its webpage can also mar its image of being a decent social network site. Vine is intended for “abbreviated” videos of stuff that make life good, like good experiences, exciting moments, happy instances. And Twitter counts on users’ good judgment when translating things that make life good into videos. But apparently, Twitter’s tacit expectation was misread by some. (more…)

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Twitter Now Let You Tweet Videos Through Vine

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Enjoy your tweets more with videos shared directly to your posted tweets through Vine. Twitter recently made official the available use of Vine-powered videos for better subscribers’ enjoyment of their twitter accounts. Vine was even teased by Twitter’s own CEO Dick Costolo using his own Twitter feed before its launch. Less than a day after that, Vine on Thursday, became official.

What’s Vine?

Twitter Vine

Vine is Twitter’s stand-alone iPhone app for video sharing on Twitter’s site. Twitter users can now share clips or videos six seconds long as tweets. These clips or videos play within tweets on a loop. Vine is now ready for iPhone and iPod Touch devices, available for download in iTunes App Store. Twitter reportedly plans to make the app available for more platforms.

The Vine app allows users to shoot six-second videos to be embedded in tweets, the same way photos are. The clips loop considerably, and are really more like a simple GIF creation tool rather than an actual video app. Vine’s history goes back to October last year prior to Twitter’s launching of the Vine product. But then, eventually the app fell into users’ hands anyway before long. Vine was then purchased by the popular social network company. (more…)

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LinkedIn Hits 1 Million Users from the Philippines

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Facebook and Twitter are undoubtedly the most populous social networking sites in the world and though it seems impossible for LinkedIn to beat the numbers, at least it still topped the rank on its category.

LinkedIn is categorized as a business-related social networking website and with over 150 million members across the globe — it has been considered as the biggest social network for professionals and is ahead of its competitors like Viadeo, XING, and

And just recently, LinkedIn announced that it has already reached its 1 million users milestone from the Philippines. (more…)

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