Tying the Knots!

It has been more than a week now since my last update on this blog, but as some of you probably have already learned – there was something big happened outside CTB. Before I talk more about it (not really that much), allow me to apologize first to those who regularly visited this blog and so those who checked their RSS feeds for latest updates in the past couple of days. Obviously, there’s nothing new here in CTB as I decided to give myself at least 4 days before and after my wedding, enough for a rest and to get everything done even after several weeks of preparations.

And yes, I’m a married man now and I thought it would be great if I’ll share great tips to achieving a successful wedding; but that’s going to be a bit odd given the fact that I’m trying to keep CTB a blog dedicated to anything tech-related only. I couldn’t break that rule once again, though this might also be of the interest of several readers, particularly those who are also planning of getting married in the future. Anyhow, I can always respond to your queries so just leave a comment below if you have something to ask about the wedding. Please note though that it’s best to ask me if you plan of having a wedding in the Philippines, specifically here in Cebu. (more…)

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