Microsoft Announced Office 2013, Calls it as “The New Office”

Microsoft on Tuesday unveils the next release of its suite of productivity applications which the software giant simply calls as “the new Microsoft Office”. Technically, this new version is the MS Office 2013 we have heard of since last year. Unlike any other older version of MS Office even its predecessor MS Office 2010, the Office 2013 brings those web apps initially made available on MS Office 365. This means that Office 2013 is more into cloud as it leverages some of Microsoft’s existing cloud-based services.

MS Office 2013 is available both for Windows 7 and Windows 8, and since its interface is based on Metro UI which undoubtedly works beautifully in Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8 – Microsoft says the new office will seamlessly work with touch-enabled Windows devices.

Microsoft is still yet to announce its official offering and pricing plans comes Fall, but the company has already confirmed which Office 2013 applications will be included on MS Office 365 subscription. And that includes MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, and MS Access. Read on for more through the press release after the break. (more…)

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Sharing Internet Connection in Windows 8 [Ad-Hoc Like]

Talking about Wi-Fi connectivity support, one of the reasons why you should consider what type of Wi-Fi radio a particular computer or laptop should have before buying, is the fact that Wi-Fi hotspots are just everywhere and that it’s through this wireless technology that you can hook up to the internet easily. Though in today’s generation of laptops it’s seldom to see models without support for 802.11n (aka Wireless-N), it’s best if every PC user is aware what does such type of Wi-Fi radio really offers. To date, 802.11n is the best wireless standard yet as it offers faster throughput and longer transmission range between wireless devices, and needless to say – the next time you buy a machine, make sure it should have this type of Wi-Fi support. Not exactly just for computers though; you can also look for this particular spec on smartphones and tablets.

But the other advantage of having a faster Wi-Fi radio in your computer is for its capability to share internet access to other wireless devices. Some Windows platforms offer what is called as Internet Connection Sharing or ICS feature (some called it as Ad-Hoc) in which the Wi-Fi enabled computer turns itself like a wireless router or Wi-Fi hotspot. If my memory serves me right, Ad-Hoc over wireless network was introduced in Windows Vista though some XP machines can also be setup with an aid of wireless adapters. Windows 7 has it as well, but interestingly – Microsoft’s latest OS, the Windows 8, don’t have it out of the box. I mean, at least with the latest Beta of Windows 8, setting up Ad-Hoc or Internet Connection Sharing is a bit hassle as it would require you to play with what is known as Netsh Utility that you can fire up in Command tool (cmd.exe). And I’m sure not all typical Windows 8 users would bother to do that.


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Download Windows 8 Consumer Preview Now!

As promised, Microsoft finally made Windows 8 Consumer Preview available for public download. Installation files come in ISO image format, so you guys would need to convert the file into another installation media like DVD or bootable USB drive.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview is available both in 32 and 64-bit versions, which the latter’s size goes more than 3GB. (more…)

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