Nokia Lumia 610, Most Affordable Yet Perfect Windows Phone for Entry Level Users

I love Windows Phone 7, period. More that I’m impressed with the latest “Mango” build of the OS (v7.5) that powers three WP handsets from Nokia – the Lumia 800, the Lumia 710, and Lumia 610 – all of which are already available here in the Philippines.

The number of apps available at the Windows Phone Marketplace is really a serious concern for many, but yes – I believe Microsoft have it on its arsenal what are really needed to build a wider community of developers. Just one thing is for sure the Redmond-based software giant (together with Nokia) must have in mind to stay competitive in the market, and that is pushing more compelling and quality apps at the Marketplace, very, very FAST! (more…)

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No More Windows Phones from LG, Just Android

LG Electronics is one among the early adapters of the Windows Phone OS back in 2010 (together with HTC, Dell, and Samsung) that really pushed devices out in the market, but it seems like the company will make a fundamental change on its smartphone business as it plans to focus on Google’s Android OS.

The decision was hinted during the company’s earnings conference session last week, citing an LG executive saying “that the company is planning to focus on smartphones running on Google’s Android mobile operating system” and it “is taking a step back from Windows phones”. (more…)

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Windows Phone Marketplace Now Open in Philippines

Microsoft has announced just recently that the Windows Phone Marketplace is already open for business to new markets including the Philippines. Also included in the updated list where the Windows Phone Marketplace is available are Argentina, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Peru.
It’s not a secret that Microsoft’s mobile OS is facing stiff competition with Android and iOS even here in the Philippines, in fact – the low number of activated Windows Phone handsets can prove it. Filipinos are now into smartphones, but one of the reasons why they choose Android and iOS (or even BlackBerry or Symbian OS’s) is the App Store support. This is not the case for Windows Phone though, as its Marketplace originally doesn’t cater users from the countries listed above. (more…)

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