Check Out These Finance Apps for Nokia Lumia Windows Phones

These days, using smartphones like iPhone and Android phones also mean being more productive in one way or another, as when managing finances in mobile. And for Nokia Lumia users, this was also made possible with a selection of apps for easy budgeting, bill payments, market news and stocks updates, and more. The apps designed for the Windows Phone platform and work seamlessly with Nokia Lumia line of handsets, most of which are free, are now offered at the Windows Phone Store. For curious and excited Lumia users, you may want to check these apps, whose features are summarized below.

Finance Apps for Windows Phone 7, 7.5, and WP 8

Toshl Finance

This free tool is designed to assist users manage their income and expenses daily. Managing the family budget on a regular basis becomes easier with sufficient control on cash flows. Toshl helps users keep the balance of expenses and income in feasible proportions.

How about keeping a comparative history of cash ins and outs? This allows users to weigh and reconsider their cash flows. When traveling, Toshl can also help with currency conversion. And to ensure everything is private, users can create passcodes for money record safety. (more…)

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Get Official London 2012 Olympics Latest Results with Mobile Apps for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, & Windows Phone 7

Either you’re a sports enthusiast or just a simple fan watching closely the latest news and updates, as well as schedules and results of the ongoing London 2012 Olympics, well, you got everything covered even on-the-go. The London Organizing Committee of the Olympics and Paralympic Games have prepped mobile apps that will cater users of at least 4 top mobile platforms today which include Android, iOS, BlackBerry OS, and Windows Phone 7. The London 2012 Official Results App shares the same key features across all platforms, including the Latest Results of all events itself, Live Schedule, Calendar Schedule, Sports News, Medals counts, and Athletes profiles.

London 2012: Official Results App

And without any further ado, grab your smartphone and tablet devices now and hit the download links after the break. (more…)

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