The Latest Updates from Intel at CES 2014
Latest Updates from Intel at CES 2014

The Latest Updates from Intel at CES 2014

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Intel CEO, Brian Krzanick spoke at the keynote address the other day and presented the company’s plans and visions for the year 2014. His keynote presentation gave a clear idea of the upcoming new developments and innovations from the chip giant.

Latest Updates from Intel at CES 2014
Intel CEO, Brian Krzanick

The address resolved some suspense as well as flared up some new opinions.

First up, the speculation about the Android-Windows dual operating system ultimately got resolved at the conference, confirming the release of computers that run both Windows and Android OS’es. Next, Intel also announced partnership with fashion industry players and its introduction to “Jarvis” and “Edison” caught massive attention. However, the company’s announcement of changing the brand name McAfee to Intel Security can flare up a bit of controversy.

Intel confirmed that dual operating system-supporting processors are on the way. On computers running these Intel processors, switching between Android and windows will just be a matter of pressing a button. This technology was demonstrated during the conference alongside the introduction of “Intel Device Protection Technology”, which will increase security on Intel-based Android devices.

As Intel announced its partnerships with fashion giants like Barneys, The Council of Fashion Designers of America (the CFDA) and Opening Ceremony — the chip maker revealed its plans on developing new breed of fashionable bracelet-type wearables in collaboration with them.

In the field of wearables, Intel has introduced “Jarvis”, a smart headphone that will interact with your handset through an Android app to give you direction, help you to find hotels, airports, or even inform your colleagues if you are being late. Of course that’s not all this smart thing has to offer, eh?  Jarvis comes in alignment with Intel’s initiative “to make everything smart”, as the CEO Brian Krzanich has phrased it.

Intel Smart Headset
Intel Smart Headset Reference Design

The CEO has also announced that they are developing Smart Watch to compete rivals like Pebble and Samsung in the wearable arena. But their Smart Watches are self-sufficient, in a sense that it does not need to be connected with other devices as it has its own network connectivity and geofencing feature.

When it comes to wearable computers, the chip giant has brought about a revolution by introducing “Edison” — which is “a full Pentium-class PC” but just the size of an SD card. Edison is powered by dual core Quark SOC, it runs on Linux, has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Intel also announced at CES that from this year all the processors from them will be “conflict free”. That means the company will no longer be dependent on conflict minerals for producing their processors. Regarding the problem of finding alternative sources Krzanich said, “The solution isn’t easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is.”

After giving the glimpse of future Intel developments, Intel’s Keynote address ended with a positive and elevating promise.

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