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The New NBI eClearance Application System: A Solution or Just a Hype?

The Department of Justice outed a press release the other day about the NBI Clearance Online Registration System being available starting yesterday, January 24, which we wrote about here. With the new eClearance Application System, DOJ and NBI hopes to solve the problems (and complaints as well) plaguing the NBI Clearance application because of long and unorganized waiting queues leaving a lot of people dismayed and annoyed of the system.

NBI eClearance registration system

With the old system, NBI Clearance applicants have to head to NBI offices nationwide or to the nearest NBI Clearance application points such as select Robinson’s Malls and the like. This is where applicants would complete all the steps involved — registration, payment of fees, biometrics and release of the clearance.  But with the new system, applicants would just need to fire up their web browsers and fill the application form online through the NBI application page, print the QR code, and head to an NBI office or application points for biometrics and to claim their clearance.

Although the new system sounds hassle-free and very convenient for NBI Clearance applicants, that’s just not the case for everyone. Well, atleast for a friend and fellow Cebuano Jose Farrugia. Through a post on his website, he shared his experience with the new NBI system which he described as “pathetic” and “ineffective“.

Farrugia shared that he was at first impressed with the system. After completing the application form online, he was provided with a Registration Form and QR code which he then printed out, and decided to head to the NBI Regional office in Cebu City. This is where his experience turned into a complete 180.


When he got there, he was surprised that online applicants are asked to schedule “to appear on a particular day for their clearances by filling up a paper with their respective name and registration code.” He also shared on the same post that “the individual who was manning the Online Applicant Schedule forms mentioned that we, online applicants, would still need to line up with the rest of those who didn’t fill up the online forms.”  When Farrugia found out about this, he just walked out.

He further concluded that “the current system in place is flawless, useless, broken and redundant. The government is giving the public a false impression that things are improving while in reality they’re not.”

We here at have no first hand experience yet with the new NBI Clearance Application system, but judging from Jose Farrugia’s experience, we don’t understand why are there still long lines, queues and chaos at NBI Offices. Of course, this might not be the case for everyone, but it sure was for Jose Farrugia.

But we do note that yesterday was the first day of the implementation of the new system, so there might really be human or system errors at first. But then again, everyone implementing the new system should be thoroughly briefed to make everyone’s experience smooth sailing. We are open to NBI’s word on this incident.

Also, share us your experience of the new system through the comment section below!


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  1. It’s a shame that things still remain the same with getting a NBI Clearance. It might have been the first day, however, just like what you said it, the system should have been running at a productive rate.

    1. Cebu Tech Blogger

      I just hope this gets better moving forward as this new system should paves the way of a seamless and less hassle NBI clearance application.

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