Top 10 iPhone Apps for College Students

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Today, college students tend to be overwhelmed between their ongoing schedules, school work, and social calendars.
It’s extremely hard to stay focused, let alone organized, not to mention maintain your sanity with such a busy schedule.

Here are the top 10 iPhone Apps for college students. These applications are on the radar when reviewing for pop quizzes, tests and exams, gaming, storing personal data, scheduling date nights, scheduling appointments and graduating college in a determined amount of time.

1. Sparky
By a majority of college students, Sparky is seen as the ultimate portable study guide. This application can be used to browse or review chapters, briefly browse through character analysis and define rare and key facts. These resources are provided through

2. Bento
This application is a true gem. It allows one to store personal data from date night to your work or class schedule.

3. Textfree Unlimited
This is a great alternative to high SMS plans and costs. This application offers free texting opportunities to its clients through Push Notification.

4. Print and Share
This application is one in a million. It allows you to print files, send private emails, search the net, research web pages, store data and contacts, and the best feature allows one to send images from your camera, to your home computer, to your home printer, instantly.

5. Simplify Music 2
This application is similar to Simply Music. It allows you to listen to your entire music collection from your laptop or home computer. A must have for any college student.

6. Quick Office
This is one of my favorite applications. Quick Office is like having a home office easily accessible at your fingertips. It allows you to access Word and Excel documents from just about any location.

7. Kindle
This is very similar to the hand-held Kindle I have at home. In the beginning, I admit to being a bit skeptical, but I quickly found the eBook reader to be pleasurable and quite easy on the eyes.

8. Beejive IM 3.0
To date, this application is the very best multi-IM service client on the iPhone.

9. Doodle Jump
This application totally dominated the Top 25 list for quite some time. It allows you to glide, bounce on and off platforms, leap and jump to the highest level, all along avoiding being hit.

10. Flight Control
This is not only a simple, but highly addictive game. You are in full command, as you direct planes to landing strips. The key is to try to avoid being hit. This application has recently been updated with the Bluetooth device co-op.

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