Twitter Now Let You Tweet Videos Through Vine

Twitter Now Let You Tweet Videos Through Vine

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Enjoy your tweets more with videos shared directly to your posted tweets through Vine. Twitter recently made official the available use of Vine-powered videos for better subscribers’ enjoyment of their twitter accounts. Vine was even teased by Twitter’s own CEO Dick Costolo using his own Twitter feed before its launch. Less than a day after that, Vine on Thursday, became official.

What’s Vine?

Twitter Vine

Vine is Twitter’s stand-alone iPhone app for video sharing on Twitter’s site. Twitter users can now share clips or videos six seconds long as tweets. These clips or videos play within tweets on a loop. Vine is now ready for iPhone and iPod Touch devices, available for download in iTunes App Store. Twitter reportedly plans to make the app available for more platforms.

The Vine app allows users to shoot six-second videos to be embedded in tweets, the same way photos are. The clips loop considerably, and are really more like a simple GIF creation tool rather than an actual video app. Vine’s history goes back to October last year prior to Twitter’s launching of the Vine product. But then, eventually the app fell into users’ hands anyway before long. Vine was then purchased by the popular social network company.

Posting videos using the app come with full audio working on Twitter mobile app and full web browser. Third-party clients like Twitterific support seamless video playback as it tried playing the video without any problem. However, play backs are better done in Twitter’s main app. The audio doesn’t seem to work though on Android Chrome browser. Observers say that including this feature ought to put more fun into the use of the app. So, go look for the freely downloadable app now at the App Store and give it a try.

Below are just among the sample videos published through the Vine app.


Abbreviated Videos

What’s a Vine video post really for? Dom Hofmann, Vine co-founder, said it’s some kind of an abbreviated video. It’s a shortened post representing something copious or larger—very much like Twitter’s 140-character post restriction. The videos show everything in a sweep, within 6 seconds. Is it comprehensible, fast and short as it is? Many viewers who have seen the Vine clips say it is. It’s like a quick passing summary or preview of a very short movie.

Hofmann said Vine videos are like small windows that allow peeks into the things that make up people’s lives—people, ideas, settings, objects and stuff like that. They’re a bit quirky, he admits, and that’s partly why they’re special, a kind of Twitter signature.

News of the Twitter app being released very soon came while Dick Costolo, Twitter CEO, himself tweeted a Vine video about a stake tarte preparation. Some hours after that, Twitter Vine was on. Vine videos automatically play the moment they are embedded in posts or tweets. The audio however is turned off, if opted, by default. You can also opt to play the clips within the official Twitter mobile app. You may also add locations to the clips—the app would simply draw a database for places from Foursquare. The three sharing options are Twitter, Vine and/or Facebook. [via]


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