SuperSpeed USB 3.0

SuperSpeed USB 3.0

The most impressive feature of this new USB upgrade is its bi-directional data interface, which means that the new USB standard will be able to send and receive data at the same time.

Yes, absolutely! Every device connected to your PC through USB 3.0 will boast a high data transfer rates compared to current USB 2.0.

The SuperSpeed USB 3.0 specification promises to transfer data 10 times faster than the current USB 2.0 standard. If you want a bits and bytes comparison, USB 3.0 comes in at 5 Gigabits per second (Gbps), while USB 2.0 has a top data transfer rate of just 480 megabits per second. That’s what makes this stuff SuperSpeed!

Talking about power…well it’s another nifty feature of USB 3.0 since it has the ability to provide more power- up to 50 per cent more power – to connected peripherals and devices. That will mean fewer additional power bricks will be required by peripherals that can get all of their power through the USB cable… Let’s say, if you have a mobile phone that can be charged through USB, then you have a quicker charging time. But that doesn’t only applies to mobile phones but also other devices.

So you might ask yourself, what would happen to your USB 2.0 devices? Well, the design of the USB 3.0 is fully backward compatible. Which means you’ll be able to use both USB 2.0 cables and USB 2.0 devices with a USB 3.0 port. But the only thing is that your USB 2.0 devices will not enjoy the speed advantages of USB 3.0. In order to reap the rewards of USB 3.0, everything along the USB chain — the port, the cable, and the devices connected to your computer — will need to be USB 3.0- compatible.

For those desktop users, you are very lucky compared those lappy guys (laptop users). Why? Because you would still be able to add USB 3.0 to your existing computer. You just need to add USB 3.0 ports to you computer by means of an add-in card, assuming there are free slots available on your motherboard. Lappy guys may be out of luck, however, since they often have no means of expansion or addition of internal components. Usually the design of most laptops lack PCMCIA slots, which could be used to add USB 3.0 ports by means of an add-in card.

…Just a friendly advice, if you are planning to buy a new laptop on the coming days or months – and if you definitely can see that you actually don’t need it yet- I’ll suggest to buy a laptop later this year or early next year when laptops will most likely come standard with USB 3.0 ports

How about the Operating System compatibility? Well, Microsoft has already announced that the forthcoming Windows 7 operating system — due by year’s end — will support USB 3.0, Somehow, perhaps not until the first service pack. Vista Users? According to Microsoft, it’s probable that Windows Vista will also receive updates that allow it to support USB 3.0. But for Windows XP users, it’s an open question. Let’s recall that Windows XP is no longer being actively developed and because the clock is ticking on its end-of-life support cycle, USB 3.0 support in this now aging although widely used operating system is less likely. Not to be sorry XP guys…Anyway for Apple, it was reported to unveil support for USB 3.0 in its high-end systems later this year.

Mine? Well I’m satisfied with my USB 2.0 since I’m using Windows XP Pro… Just need a budget for the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 upgrade…

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  1. bro can i get the usb 3.0? what are the requirements for this? can i get it free?

  2. Bro, I didn't understand what you mean. USB 3.0 is a specification, basically an upgrade from USB 2.0 which is widely used in most electronics devices for interface. Please make your comment clear and specific.

    Bdw, thanks for dropping here…

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