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Website is Down: 5 Ways to Check

When we visit websites, sometimes we encounter errors like “Page not found”, “Website is down”, or any similar error messages.
This led us to wonder whether the website is really down or not. I have here some simple tips which will definitely help you verify if the website is really down or not.

How to Check if Website is Really Down or Not? – Site Check

This is an online service which allows you to check if a site is down or not. By simply entering the URL of the website, you will then see if the website is accessible or not. allows you to enter the entire domain (, a full length URL, port, or IP address.

Is That Site Down

Similar to, you can check if the website is down or not by entering the domain name of a particular website.

Down or Just for Me

This service is just similar to the two services mentioned above. However, you cannot type website with dashes (-) on the domain, like

Down for Everyone of Just Me

This provides the same service on checking website if it’s down or not. By simply entering the URL or domain, you can verify if it’s down for everyone or just down for you.

Down or is it Just Me

This service provides you whether the website is online or not. This is similar to other sites above, but a good alternative if those other services are unavailable.


The services mentioned above are all web-based. You will still get compromised if you are having an internet connection problem. So, you will be considering another technique for that. That would be on my next post…

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