What 2013 Holds for Smartphone Makers and Users
Smartphone Shipments 2013

What 2013 Holds for Smartphone Makers and Users

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Sellers and users of smartphones, brace yourselves up for what’s about to happen this year in the world of Windows Phone, Androids, BlackBerry and iOS here and abroad. Generally, analysts see bright prospects for everyone, except that some bickering and wrangling in some sectors are apt to intensify for supremacy. That’s healthy competition, say capitalists.

Three Main Factors to Affect Industry Performance

If these 3 main factors become robust in the industry this year, smartphones in different markets can go from excellent, more excellent, and most excellent — extrapolate experts. And these are the factors:

1. The smooth flow of relations between platform leaders and manufacturers of hardware.
2. The excitement and growth of market demand and the way this is seen by brand carriers.
3. The decisions of some major players in the face of major trends developing as well as key transitions.

So far, the market movement of smartphones from 2009 to 2013 has been showing an upward pattern, increasing from 40 to 80 percent. That should speak volumes about the lively state of smartphones in the world including the Philippines.

Balance of Power

To check the balance of power, Google decided to tighten its hold on the Android ecosystem and all its partners. As a result, a good number of tier-hardware brands think twice about upsetting Google on this matter but it’s beginning to make other players feel uncomfortable about the seeming monopoly. They decry a huge market cut in just half—one half goes to Android and the other half goes to iOS. It’s like a pretentious “balance of power” which is really a monopoly, some sectors opine.

Windows Phone, Amazon, and Others

Thus, the desire of other players to see Windows Phone take a considerable share of the pie. They have decided to backup Window Phone’s entry into the arena a third platform.

Amazon is also being eyed as a potential market player in 2013. In the Philippines for instance, though not directly supplied by Amazon in the country yet, it is easily accessed by Filipino gadgeteers online and is becoming popular to a growing number of online shoppers and marketers. With old timers like Nokia and RIM, which are also powerful forces to deal with, some observers feel that 2013 would be a transition, as well as a make-or-break year, for them.

Nokia Smartphones on Incredible Bargain Prices in the Philippines?

Unfortunately, Nokia sales declined in 2012, missing even its target sales for that year. And reports are that Nokia’s losses are eating away at its erstwhile huge cash reserves. Should this trend go on this year unchecked, some experts feel Nokia might close shop or be subdivided and sold off. That might mean some price decrease on Nokia smartphones felt worldwide—even in the Philippines—but then it may be short-lived if it ever happens. This is due to the fact that selling it off means immediate and intensive care to make it bounce back to competitiveness.

In fact, that’s what Microsoft might just do since it contemplates to be in the Windows Phone business in the offing. It could pick up where Nokia had left off (since Nokia smartphones are Windows phone-ready), introduce it to more carriers, and then easily offer it to its sales channels.

The same scenario might be awaiting RIM if it does not remedy its Blackberry 10 problems, analysts averred. [via]

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