What Can You Say About PLDT’s Free Wi-Fi Service?

Last week, PLDT announced that it will make its free Wi-Fi service available in Cebu during the city’s celebration of Sinulog 2012 Festival. Those at the Wi-Fi zones were required to visit one of the PLDT booths so they can ask for User ID and Password, and finally use the service. As it turned out, some aren’t exactly happy with what could be a great service from the telco during the event.

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Those who were expecting such free Wi-Fi service probably share the same disappointment, like being unable to connect, just keep on loading while trying to connect and etc., or if it gets connected – users got a very slow speed. Quoting a fellow blogger,

I hadn’t connected to it despite several attempts. The first time i was able to connect to the PLDT WiFi Zone was on Wednesday when i was trapped inside the Magellan’s Cross kiosk due to heavy rains. During the procession, all i’d got was “limited connectivity” at the whole stretch of Osmena blvd. The same experience yesterday inside the Cebu City Sports Center. PLDT said you have to register if you’re a PLDT subscriber to connect to their free WiFi Zone. I did it. The fact that i was able to connect earlier to their service, then there’s no reason why i’d got a limited connectivity for the days that it was most wanted.

Now that the Sinulog is over and PLDT will already start charging registered subscribers – what can you say about PLDT’s Wi-Fi Service? Chime in the comment section below.

Update: It seems like PLDT acknowledged the outage encountered by several users during the Sinulog day, saying:

Although the service went down last Sunday, during parade day; users were still able to enjoy free Wifi from Friday- Sunday PM (the moment it was up). The system went down due to some technical problems.

PLDT didn’t mention what exactly caused the said technical problems, but I believe it’s probably due to an unexpected surge in traffic. Nonetheless, the telco said its Wi-Fi service is operating normally again and interested users can simply register at www.pldtwifizone.com. As we initially learned, PLDT will be charging P150 for DSL subscribers and P300 for landline subscribers on top of their monthly service fee every month.

Go check it out and do let us know if it indeed works just fine.

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  1. Karl

    I was not happy about it. It seems like PLDT just created a hype from false advertisement. Yes, the Wi-Fi is there in one of its locations – but none of its booth was present to cater those who want to get their PINs. 🙁

  2. Krista

    That’s why I didn’t bother myself to use their Wi-FI service. Heck I’d rather watch Sinulog street dancing than browsing….

  3. Wilhelmina

    I got a PIN, but was never able to use it, because I can’t even connect to the network to enter the PIN.

    1. Cebu Tech Blogger

      Same here… I tried several devices and every time I attempted to connect — it just keep on loading… See images below… 🙁 I’ll try connecting again soon on other hotspots to see if I can establish connection.

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