What is a Blog and what is Blogging?

On my first article of the series, I talked about learning blogging using Blogger.

But before you create your first blog, you have to understand first what a blog is and what is blogging. I know that you are a bit excited to learn this from my own point of view, so here we go…

What is a Blog?

According to Wikipedia, a blog is a contraction of the term “web log”. It’s a type of website, usually maintained by an individual or group of individuals with regular entries of commentaries, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order, meaning the latest post will show first on top of the page.

There are different types of blogs which are dependent on the contents published. If you are going to posts photos, that is a photoblog. If you are going to posts mostly video contents, then that’s a video-blog or Vlog. Other blogs are music blogs, and audio blogs or podcasts. If you are familiar with Twitter and Plurk- then that’s another type of blog called Microblogs.

Confused? Well, you shouldn’t be. I know that you might already familiar of how a blog looks like, but remember that I’m assuming that you are going to start from scratch.

This video will help you understand better what a blog is and how it basically works.

What is Blogging?

This is actually pretty obvious, though. Literally, blogging refers to the routinary activity of updating and maintaining a blog or regularly adding new contents to it. But it doesn’t mean that it always goes just like that. Blogging is broad in my own point of view. When you are into blogging, you also need to learn about how to optimize your blog using SEO techniques, or any other means of promoting it using social media tools or bookmarking sites. Just don’t confuse yourself of these terms for now, as I’m going to help you understand these stuff as we go along with the tutorial. That’s definitely interesting, isn’t?

Now that you already know or let’s say, you already have an idea of what a blog is and what is blogging– I’m sure you are excited to build your first blog. That would be the next topic of the series!

Update: Setup Your First Blog Using Blogger

If you have any questions in mind, just comment below this post. 


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