What is USB On-The-Go (OTG) on Nokia N8?

What is USB On-The-Go (OTG) on Nokia N8?

USB On-The-Go (OTG) support is listed as one of the unique features that come with Nokia N8.

And we can expect more and more devices will be coming out soon with OTG support, particularly on the high-end line of Nokia handsets, or from the other brands who thought of supplementing such feature to the USB 2.0 specification on future devices.

But what is USB On-The-Go really means and how you can leverage such feature on the devices that comes with it?

USB On-The-Go is an extension of the USB 2.0 specification for connecting peripheral devices to each other. USB OTG products can communicate with each other without the need to be connected to a PC. For example, a digital camera can connect to a PDA, or a mobile phone can connect to a printer or a scanner, as long as all the devices are USB OTG-compatible.

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In layman’s term, with USB On-The-Go, external devices can act not only just as a Peripheral but also as a Host. Normally, a device without OTG support will just act as a peripheral. That is, when you connect a device without OTG support to a PC – you can only access the contents in its mass storage. But if you connect another USB device, a Flash Drive for example, into the same device without OTG support – there’s no way both devices will communicate.

As I’ve said, devices with OTG support can also act as a Host. Nokia N8 for instance is a device that brings such capability. When I recorded a sample video and took photos using the phone’s 12MP camera, I thought I need to use another mini-USB to USB adapter so I can transfer the files from the phone to the computer. Nokia Adapter Cable for USB OTG CA-157 can’t be hooked to a computer’s conventional USB port directly.

Flash Drive as Mass Storage using USB OTG Cable Adapter

But no, such Nokia adapter cable has a purpose. You don’t need a computer to transfer files from the Nokia N8 into an external storage. Get that Flash Drive from your pocket, insert into the USB OTG adapter, then you’re good to go. Nokia N8 can see the Flash Drive as a mass storage, and you can also transfer files between the phone internal storage and the Flash Drive itself. Cool, huh?

What’s more with USB On-The-Go on Nokia N8 is its capability to communicate with other Nokia phones which support mass storage. It’s probably this time that we would be seeing phone-to-phone file transfer, not through wireless connectivity like Bluetooth, but through the use of USB cable. And better yet, transferring files using this technology is faster.

And here’s the bonus. Got a USB speaker? Hook it into the USB On-The-Go cable, insert that audio input on N8’s 3.5mm audio jack, launch Symbian^3 media player, and there you’ll see everything works as expected. Interesting!

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