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Why I am Blogging?

I’ve been blogging for more than a year now, and on this post I’ll try to figure out why exactly I am blogging.

It started on my quest just to learn how to build a website. I designed my very first website using Joomla as the CMS hosted on my own computer as the server. Then I tried another one using Drupal. I decided to find another alternative website builder just to make tasks easier, and finally- I found Blogger.

Yes, it’s Blogger. Before I learned to use WordPress, everything really started on Blogger. I designed my own personal website in Blogger that basically turned into a blog. And that’s Cebu Tech Blogger.

This week, I published several articles that really drive traffic on this blog. Suddenly, a friend of mine asked me- “Why you keep on Blogging?”

I realized I really have to identify what motivates me to blog. I will not keep beating around the bush; instead I’ll answer the question just not to make this post long. LOL…

1. To Share – I am the kind of person who always loves to share things I know. I’m actually a bibliophile yet still have poor writing skills. Reading about a lot of things makes a person more knowledgeable. So instead of telling them personally, I write it on a blog post.

2. To Learn – When you are blogging, you are always learning. You do research, read other blogger’s post, leave comments and exchange ideas. You learn new things, and eventually you find other things to share on your blog.

3. Enhance Skills – As I’ve said, everything started on learning to build a website. It turns out that I am already into this passion. So I’ll just make use of it to enhance my skills on designing blogs. I will have more blogging tips once the pre-writing challenge is finished. Thus, I encourage you to subscribe.

4. To Earn – I’ll be honest here. One way to make money online is through blogging. Everything I invested on learning, sharing, and keeping my skills enhanced will definitely turn into a great ROI. You see this blog has advertising partners, that’s a proof that I’m monetizing this blog.

So far, that’s all I think the reasons why I’m blogging. How about you? Why are you blogging? Just leave a comment below this post.

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