Windows 7 Automation Error Accessing the OLE Registry

Windows 7 Automation Error Accessing the OLE Registry

Are you a Visual Basic 6 user? Did you upgrade your OS to Windows 7?
Did you install the VB6, and run Visual Basic 6 on Windows 7?
Why I am asking you these questions because you might probably encountering the same problem with the mess I’m into two days ago. I normally run VB 6 on Windows XP, but when I upgraded my OS to Windows 7- I encountered this error:

Visual Basic Automation Error
It’s a Data View pop-up saying, Automation Error: “Error Accessing the OLE Registry”.

This usually pops-up when I start Visual Basic 6 in Windows 7. I never encounter this error on Windows XP, so I tried rebooting my PC to Windows XP since I am actually have a multi-boot system. I run VB 6 on XP, and it works fine!

I realized it’s not practical running Windows 7, and switching back to XP just to run VB 6, perfectly. I really like the Windows 7 experience and I don’t want to get compromised just because there’s a compatibility issue with the application I am using.

So, how did I fix this VB 6 error on Windows 7?

Well, my approach was very simple. Knowing that my Visual Basic 6 works fine on my previous OS (Windows XP SP2 and SP3), I just utilized the Compatibility Mode feature of Windows 7. If you have the same problem and don’t know how to fix it, simply go to the Microsoft Visual Basic 6 Properties –either from the Start Menu or from the VB 6 shortcut icon.

Visual Basic 6.0 Properties
On the VB 6 Properties window, select the Compatibility tab. Check the box for “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” and select the earlier version of Windows which you think VB 6 works fine. You can also change this setting for all the users of your PC or just restrict the setting to you as administrator.

Isn’t it cool? It is cool because you will still be running VB 6 on Windows 7 environment… By the way, if you ever encounter related compatibility issues with other applications- just try running the application with the Windows 7 compatibility mode. If you think you have something to share about this VB 6 issue, just leave a comment below…

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  1. Basuki

    Ok Thank’s For your blog information. This is very important for amateur. 

  2. Mohit Arora

    hi i also have a same problem but now i solve it by just enable Run this program as an administrator from Compatibility tab from property of vb by right click on vb icon

  3. France

    LOL thanks alot dude!!!

  4. Joseph Mathew


  5. JeiCie Sugui

     I forgot to consider that.. BTW thanks a lot man ^_^

    1. Cebu Tech Blogger

      Good to hear it works… No problem… I’m glad I was able to help… 🙂

  6. niraj

    tnx a lot man 🙂 me 2 getting same problem 🙂 it helped me alot thanks 🙂

  7. ai

    thanks a lot dude… it helped a lot man:)

  8. Alexandr

    Спасибо! Пользовался, но забыл.

  9. Young

    thanx mate. it worked like a charm

  10. Greg Hudson

    I tried the tip above, and it allowed vb6 to run, but as soon as I load an existing project, it pops up a new error: Object Library not registered. (but doesn’t say which object or library). Any ideas please anyone ?
    Thanks, Greg.

  11. GRK

    Thanks it worked for me in windows 8 64 bit.

  12. Schen

    Didnt work on mine 🙁

  13. David Tucker

    Worked for me with my Win 7 64bit… thank you

  14. b9box

    Hmm.. running in XP mode and as Admin seemed obvious to me last time I tried, in fact I tried more than once. Didn’t work here. I assumed it was because my machine is an HP laptop with Win-7 64 bit.. But I see someone else had success with 64 bit at least. I wonder if any of you folks could report which versions, service packs, etc. of Win7?? I use VB6 for any project I can, as it is still by far the most productive platform for Windows dev! How M$ could screw that up will never cease to amaze me! At least compiled programs are easy to run, but IDE is still not for me, so I keep my XP and even Win2k machines alive and well! (Win2k REALLY Rocks, still by far best OS M$ ever made! Runs like a super-computer!) Try that before giving up to Win8/10! Otherwise, I’m Linux as much as possible these days!

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