Windows 7 Better than Vista and XP – A Windows 7 Release Candidate Review

Windows 7 Better than Vista and XP – A Windows 7 Release Candidate Review

Finally, after one week of Windows 7 experience – I’ve decided to start sharing on this blog the new experience on the new Windows Operating System.
I’ve explored and still exploring Windows 7 features, so expect that whatever new on this operating system will be blogged here as long as the digits of my hands permit.

Well to start with, I will tell you first how I’ve got a copy of Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC). I downloaded Windows 7 Release Candidate on the very last day of FREE WINDOWS 7 DOWLOADS spanned until August 21- the day before Microsoft made RC unavailable to download. For those who had luckily downloaded the RC, Congratulations! I doubt if you are not enjoying Steve Ballmer’s entertaining Operating System (OS) which is now on the scene three years after Vista. For those who were not able to download the RC, if you have extra penny then you can grab a copy of genuine Windows 7 on its final release on October 21.

Some may climb on the bandwagon or browse to Torrent sites, but I warn you may not download the genuine RC! The copy you might get is already modified by our friends out there who keep stealing personal data. If I were you, I’ll just ask a copy from a friend or relative since Microsoft is still accepting sign-ups to get the product key until the 21st of October. Or if you are just from Cebu, you can drop a message on my contact page so I can lend you my copy –or I will burn a copy for you, but make sure to pay me for the blank DVD. LOL! Just kidding. I am not yet finished reading Microsoft Windows 7 policy, but if I found out that Windows RC is free to share – then you are lucky!

That’s my introduction. Anyway, let’s proceed to my review on Windows 7 Release Candidate. I am actually a Windows XP user as it was the installed OS on my desktop. I experienced using Vista as I’m also hitching up my Brother-in-law’s ACER ASPIRE 4935 laptop with a pre-installed Windows Vista Home Premium. My current system hardware is just the same. I did not upgrade any peripheral before installing Windows 7 RC, so I could distinguish the performances of my previous Windows XP and current Windows 7. I am still using the MSI P6NGM-L motherboard, Intel Pentium Dual CPU E2180 @ 2.00GHz, 160H Hard Drive, with a 4G DDR2 Kingston RAM. I didn’t play games most of the time, so I am satisfied with the built-in graphics card.
Windows 7 Desktop
Windows 7 is actually better than Windows XP or Windows Vista. From speed, interactive features, User Interface (UI) enhancements, Applications, Security, Compatibility – just to name few – are all inescapable. Many said that Windows 7 is not yet stable, but it’s contrary to the fact that I never encountered any system crash or instability. Since Windows 7 Release Candidate is just the same with the images Microsoft sent to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) for final manufacturing, then it’s absolutely safe to try. Though, Microsoft itself keeps on encouraging users not to install Windows RC on their current system – you can do that anyway same what I did. IWindows 7 Multiboot Configurationf you are afraid for possible crash, install it on a separate partition. I actually have a multiboot now, Windows XP on Drive C and Windows 7 on Drive E. Isn’t it great? If you need help on setting up a multiboot system, just drop a comment or send me a message.


Unlike Windows XP and Windows Vista, Windows 7 boot faster on my system. Windows 7 Login WindowsThough you can configure the programs you want to run or check during start-up, setting Windows 7 start-up to default as what I did on Windows XP before has a great difference. From Power-On Self Test (POST) to login window Getting Started in Windows 7will only span a minute or two- same also in shutting down your system. This means that it will not cost you more time of waiting before logging in. Once you are already logged on, you have the option of learning first Windows 7 from the Getting Started Tutorial on Start Menu.


The Graphical User Interface (GUI) on Windows 7 was enhanced. From the Windows Media Center, Control Panel, Command Prompt, Start Menu options – just to name few are all interactive. Windows 7 GUIThe desktop background, the wallpapers, etc. – are all great. You can set your desktop background to change every 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, or if you want – every hour or everyday! Exploring the opened tasks was made easier in Windows 7. The usual Alt+Tab and Windows+Tab exploring opened tasks are still in Windows 7. Task Preview in Windows 7What’s new is to preview the opened applications once you hover the mouse over an icon. You can see the preview without clicking the icon, anyway.


In terms of applications, Windows 7 Pre-intalled ApplicationsVista is actually comparable. However, Windows XP users have something more to miss on working Windows 7. The image below shows some of the pre-installed applications on Windows 7. Windows 7 Pre-installed ApplicationsThe better, easier, faster, and safer Internet Explorer, the Desktop Gadget Gallery, the Windows DVD maker, latest Windows Media Player 11, the interactive Windows Media Center – all of these come with Windows 7!


On Windows XP, I used my best security software combination just to make sure my system will not get infected with malicious programs. However, in Windows 7 – I am just using a free Avast Home Edition Anti-virus and Windows Defender. I rely most on Windows 7 Action Center which safeguards possible threats. With Network Firewall, Windows Update, Virus Protection, Spy ware and Unwanted Software Protection, Internet Security Settings, User Account Control, and Network Access Protection – all of these are being monitored in Windows 7 Action Center. Maintenance will not be compromised for Windows 7 users, as Troubleshooting and System Recovery Tool were made easier.


This is I think the most tricky part before installing Windows 7. If you have doubt that your system devices will not work on Windows 7, just check it out on the respective manufacturers. But for sure, anything found working on Vista will definitely work fine on Windows 7. For Windows XP user, I cannot guarantee everything will work. But if you have the same specs with my current desktop, then take a shot! I rest assured everything will also work…

This Windows 7 review is a bit long as it reaches almost 1100 words. Hope you’ll enjoy reading it. Just leave a comment if you have something to clear.

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