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Teradyne Philippines, Ltd. – Cebu

Disclaimer: I personally wrote this blog according to my freedom to write. Teradyne has no obligation for all the risks in your career if you happen to resign from your current job or whatever. This is just for informational purposes only.

Update: Since March 2012, I’m no longer working as BRS for Teradyne, though the nature of the job may be just the same. So here we go…

If you are planning of working in Cebu, and your passion is related to electronics and computers -you might be considering of working in Teradyne.

If you are not looking for some information which will give you insights on how is it working on this company, this blog is not for you. I am going to share here some information, which will definitely help you decide whether to apply for a job or not- particularly Board Repair Specialist (BRS).

Are you ready? So, here we go… The work of a Board Repair Specialist in Teradyne Cebu is more on electronics debugging (hardware and software), or basically board repair. You might ask yourself what are these type of electronic boards? Actually, these boards are system boards (mainframes or channel cards) which has specific functions on the Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) or Tester. I am assuming that you have a little understanding about ATE. If you haven’t, let me explain first some key information regarding Teradyne Automatic Test Equipments.

According to the Wikipedia :

Automatic/automated test equipment (ATE) is any automated device that is used to quickly test printed circuit boards, integrated circuits (ICs), or any other related electronic components or modules. Nowadays, ATE devices are essentially always controlled by computers although in the past, custom-designed controllers or even relay controls were used. An ATE system can be as simple as a digital multi-meter (DMM) whose operating mode and measurements are controlled and analyzed by a computer, or as complex as a system containing dozens of complex test instruments capable of automatically testing and diagnosing faults in complex electronic systems, such as very sophisticated flying-probe testers.

You can read more about ATE at Wikipedia.

Teradyne testers are actually installed at the customer site for testing their electronic products such as semi-conductor wafer, Integrated Circuits or ICs, memory modules, wireless products, and etc. When the tester fails, it is actually not the entire system that fails, but only a certain option(s) of the equipment. Several options for System-on-a-chip tester like the record breaking Teradyne Catalyst™, includes DC option, High-Speed Digital (HSD), and Analog Option. Each option has different types of functional boards. These functional boards has its specific function.

If you were hired in Teradyne Cebu as a Board Repair Specialist, you will then be assigned to a certain option- like DC option. The function of the boards you are going to repair focuses on the DC characteristics of both the system itself and the devices being tested at the customer site. So when a program or checker for this DC boards shows failure, the customer send the board to Teradyne repair centers. By the way, Teradyne Cebu is one of the repair centers. So basically, you already have the idea that Teradyne Cebu is not a manufacturing plant, but a repair center.

The idea of how the boards are being repaired remain a personal skills in troubleshooting since the design of the circuitry needs to be analyzed well. If you have plan of applying for a job as a Board Repair Specialist in Teradyne Cebu, you need to have basic electronics understanding. Learning advanced electronics can be done through research while at work. You will also be adept in working on computers in Windows or Unix platforms. It is also an advantage if you have understanding about low-level programming language such as C, C++, and Assembly language. Some programming skills like Visual Basic and other DBMS for databases will help.

How much is the salary in Teradyne Cebu?

I totally understand if you happen to ask this question. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you the figure as it’s of the company’s perspective. But I can give you some sort of hint. Just NOT to offense other companies or employees. Personally, I have to say that I would prefer working in Teradyne as a BRS rather than working as an Engineer on some Japan-based companies. Hope that helps.

What are the benefits of working in Teradyne Cebu?

If you happen to read some ads on local newspaper or on job portals courtesy of Teradyne, which shows what package you will get- believe me that’s true. You’ll definitely love working at Ter! Am I still making sense? I hope so…

What other jobs are available at Ter Cebu?

Well, I might sound crazy just talking about the work of a Board Repair Specialist- and suddenly you find yourself stunned because you can’t relate. No, I’m just kidding. There are actually lots of available jobs on this company. You can always check the available positions on this link:

If you still have something in mind for me to answer, just leave a comment below. Always remember, I’m not working for Teradyne recruitment.

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  1. Junil Junil

    Bert, naa hiring sa Teradyne karon? Test technician ba…

  2. Bert Padilla Bert Padilla

    Hmmm, Test technician mura wala pa external hiring… Pero naa hiring sa uban na positions… Just check career page of Teradyne website here:

  3. Blair Blair

    Hello, Bert? Teknoy pud ko… CIT-ECE… I've learned naa daw apprenticeship karon sa Teradyne. I am interested. Please let me know how I will apply. Thanks

  4. Bert Padilla Bert Padilla

    Just checked Teradyne website today but I didn't find any hiring for apprenticeship.If you are still in CIT, I suggest you ask Ma'am Tan -ECE Head- 'coz I saw an announcement in the bulletin board regarding Teradyne apprenticeship. Or better you submit your resume online.

  5. yannol yannol

    Thanks a lot for the information Mr. Bert Padilla. I learned so many things about Teradyne because of you.

  6. Ron Xavier Manarog Ron Xavier Manarog

    nag apply kos teradyne.. murag 3 months na. wa pjd tawag :/ Board Rework Specialist.

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