Yahoo!, I Ask my Friends to Google Bing

Please don’t awe me. I just write this blog out of my curiosity about search engines.

I’ve been an affiliate a few months by Homepages Friends – a search engine that monetize you every time you search. But if I am not satisfied with the search results, I used Yahoo!, Ask, and my all-time favorite Google. I seldom used MSN Search for my queries. But after Microsoft launched the new version of MSN Search, now known as Bing – I tried.

After one week of using Bing, I thought of Microsoft’s new version of MSN a great evolution. Its simplicity, fast page loading time, relevant contents, and easy navigation regarding your query are among the best features I observed. These are almost similar with the other search engines. But technically, surveys showed that Google is trailed by Yahoo!, Bing, and Ask.

Yesterday, I conducted an experiment regarding query submission to the four top search engines. I used the keywords “Google”, “Yahoo!”, “Bing”, and “Ask” to be searched on their rivals’ website. I sorted out the top three results, and I was amazed with my discovery!

1. I first asked about “Ask”. The result actually provoked what I was expecting – it ranked their own Homepage, followed by Blog and its profile (The New Homepage). The second keyword I asked was “Bing”. Well, the result was not satisfactory for Microsoft… is more interested about the American singer Bing Cosby, followed by Bing Surfboards (, and Stanford Universities’ Bing Overseas Studies… Then I asked about “Yahoo!”. is quite honest to Yahoo! when it displayed related sites. The same results when I asked about “Google”. But what called my attention when I asked about its rivals is the message to its users:

“Why go to Bing? Use Ask to get your answer- the first time, every time.”
“Why go to Yahoo? Use Ask to get your answer- the first time, every time.”
“Why go to Google? Use Ask to get your answer- the first time, every time.”

What are these for? Monopolization? No way…

2. The second search engine I used was…
I first used the keyword “bing”. I was expecting Microsoft’s new version of MSN Search to be ranked first, but guess what? Seems that was more interested about ,, and Bing Crosby – an American singer. Maybe has not indexed yet its own website… No, I am just kidding – that’s impossible… But my question is what ranking technology uses to rank its search results?
The second keyword I searched was “Ask”. Unlike’s results for “Bing”, didn’t compromise on the search results… Searching about “Yahoo” and “Google”, Bing has no other website to display rather and, respectively…

3. The next search engine I used was…
I first queried about “Yahoo”. As expected, Yahoo’s Homepage and services top ranked on the result. The next keyword I used was “Bing”. Microsoft’s Bing ranked first on the result followed by Bing Crosby in Wikipedia… I searched about “Google” and “Ask”, and the search result is quite satisfying to its rivals in term of rank… The only problem is the notification same with results:

“You could go to Google. Or you could stay here and get straight to your answers.”
“You could go to Ask. Or you could stay here and get straight to your answers.”

My question is, REALLY? Well, I’ll try again… By the way, why these messages were only displayed for “Google” and “Ask” results? I didn’t see it when I searched about “Bing”… Hmmm… What do you think?

4. The last but not the least search engine I used was…
Well, I have nothing to say about the results. Google seems to be morally upright to its commitment. Googling about “Ask”, “Bing”, and “Yahoo” gave reasonable results to it rivals… How much more if you google about “Google”… Maybe the first number “1” and the following 100 “0” search results are all about! That’s what Google means…

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  1. they changed it already…

  2. Thanks for the comment, Jong… Yeah, I also checked the result for the keyword "Bing"… I don't think my blog led them to top rank their site… LOL, just kidding… The funny thing is, maybe penalized my site after writing this article… Am not really sure… I was just surprised when I searched for the keyword "Technologian", my site doesn't ranked first anymore compared the time I haven't write this post yet… And the worst thing is, my URL hasn't been indexed on anymore… Just wondering why…

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